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GameStop slings pre-order costumes for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, X-Men: Destiny

If you’re planning to buy the upcoming Marvel video games Spider-Man: Edge of Time or X-Men: Destiny, you may want to consider pre-ordering them from GameStop if you have an affinity for the Slingers or Havok.

The in-game Havok suit, according to, will allow X-Men: Destiny players to not only dress up their mutant in Alex Summers’ suit, but also allow them to “equip the exclusive Havok X-gene to their mutant of choice, granting them plasma-based power enhancements to their attacks, the ability to stun enemies through energy absorption and increase their damage output over time!”

And in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, the GameStop bonus gives you access to four different costumes for Spider-Man — those used by Peter Parker during the “Identity Crisis” storyline circa the late 1990s. Since Spider-Man was wanted for murder, Parker started using four other secret identities that he abandoned after clearing his name — Hornet, Prodigy, Ricochet and Dusk. The costumes were eventually claimed by four young heroes who took up crime fighting.

Per, players “will be able to take full advantage of the four exclusive suits from this storyline–Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet and Hornet–which will give our web-slinger increases in health, damage, health regeneration or shield regeneration.”

Check out closer looks at all the suits after the jump.






Havok suit



I would have preferred literally ANY Havok costume over that one.
But, it does look way better on that little girl than the male character models they showed.

What’s the deal with the X-Men game? You don’t play as actual X-Men, but you can have X-Men powers?

Prodigy needs his cape.

Welp. Now I know I have pre-order this game. I LOVED the Identity Crisis outfits.

Also, Prodigy DOES need his cape.

looking at the pics,at first i thought the bonus is some sort of action figures,apparently this is for in-game thing right?thought I’d be all over those action figures.
hm,on first pics(group pics),its looks like theres a blacked out figure there,a secret character?

I thought they were TRON suits (they are owned by Disney now…)

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