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Is this the triumphant return of Wonder Woman’s star-spangled shorts?

Two versions of Cliff Chiang's cover for "Wonder Woman" #1: left, the updated version; and right, the orginal

Despite her depictions on promotional materials and the covers for the debut issues of Justice League and her own title, it appears as if Wonder Woman will once again don star-spangled shorts come DC Comics’ September relaunch.

The evidence emerged this morning with the announcement of the DC Comics: The New 52 preview book that will be released next Wednesday in comic shops and at Comic-Con International in San Diego. In the upper left-hand corner of the cover is a slightly modified version of Cliff Chiang’s art for Wonder Woman #1, with the Amazon Princess now sporting shorts for the first time in more than a year — when Jim Lee’s divisive costume redesign was introduced as part of J. Michael Straczynski’s short-lived new direction for the character.

Wonder Woman #1, by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, will be released on Sept. 21.



Or, it’s a mess up.

Where did this women-in-pants policy start?

Aw, just when I was getting used to her pants. I don’t have a problem with the change.

I prefer the pants, (and the new costume, sans jacket, in general). That cover art is not very attractive, pants or no pants.

This just proves that DC is starting to realize that this whole relaunch/reboot/re-whateve​r the hell it is, is going to be the fiasco that the long time fans have predicted it will be.

I actually liked the pants. So how long until she loses the stupid choker?

Who wears shorts anymore? Bring the pants back DC, stop sucking up to fan bitching!

As an avid fan of Wonder Woman, the redesign never looked good to me. She looked like Appolonia from Purple Rain.

I’ll be the screaming fanboy and say that Cliff Chiang is awesome and the art is fantastic, only reason I’d pick up this book. Pants or no pants.

Wait – now she’s wearing old lady panties? And they’re black?

And the boots are still the wrong colour.

Great, it looks much better than the blah redesign-of-a-redesign they were trying to shove down our throats. Next up: Get Supergirl back into a skirt!

DC should keep the pants. Its more fitting of a super hero. If people want to see girls in bikinis, they should watch the Miss America pageant. Far as I’m concerned, if DC wants people to focus on Wonder Woman as a legit hero, and not just eye candy that will NEVER get another tv show or movie, they should keep the pants, and worry about her CHARACTER, and not her… assets. Putting her back into the short pants just because a few GUYS who don’t get the point want to ogle a DRAWING… that just seems like a HUGE step backwards for DC on this one….

I never knew that the outfits the female characters wore were the most important things about them, but from reading some of these comments, apparently DC could just publish pin-up books with zero story, as long as the females depicted inside are half naked.



July 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm

@Skullcapcomix – New to superhero comics, are you?

Pants, pants, pants.

Keep saying it a bunch of times, it’s a weird word.

How about slacks or trousers.

Also, I’m not wearing pants right now.

I, for one, am glad that the shorts are back. I just hope that they don’t quickly morph into a thong again.

it’s like a female alien humanoid member of the corps in the green lantern movie trailer. depends of the trailer, you can see her breasts or the green costume.

david with a small d

July 13, 2011 at 11:39 pm

All feminism aside, the original costume is utterly iconic and is messed with at DC’s peril.

Saying that, the original version of the promo art is the most badass version of WW in pants i’ve seen yet, and if all the interior art had this power & quality, I’d be less worried about it.

I don’t think there’s ever been a problem with Wonder Woman’s costume. To follow Amit!’s thought, artists have turned the shorts into a thong. Ed Benes, though not the only artist, was probably the worst at this. I don’t think that you could say that George Perez, Phil Jiminez, John Byrne, or Darwin Cooke’s versions make Wonder Woman look like a swimsuit model.

Wonder Woman wearing pants so that some people feel better is the same as some couch potato asking the Hulk to put a shirt on..

Why does nobody assume that the shorts are the earlier image?

Especially considering the print schedule, a book appearing a month before the new titles would probably have had an older image when printed than the digital images that were altered even after being puput up on DC’s website.

Has anything official been said saying “shorts are new?”

Such a HUGE mistake to put WW BACK in her sexist bikini bottom and HEELS, I’m so disappointed. When I saw Jim Lees’ cover for the new JL I thought “YES, finally”. That outfit she had in that cover incorporated the best of her classic look, the looks she’s been sporting for the past 13 issues and tied it all in real well. It was simple, elegant and FUNCTIONAL. Now they’ve gone and stuffed her back in heels and a bikini bottom.

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