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Location, date for WonderCon 2012 still uncertain


Despite a report that WonderCon will be held next year in Anaheim, Calif., because of renovations to San Francisco’s Moscone Center, event organizers say no final decisions have been made.

David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for Comic-Con International, tells The Comics Reporter that while the organization is considering the Anaheim Convention Center as one of the possible locations for 2012, it’s possible that WonderCon could remain at the Moscone Center, its home since 2003.

He explained that although organizers were initially told there would be no dates available next year because of the construction, that recently changed. Now, with Comic-Con over, officials will turn their attention to the dates and facilities included in the new proposal.



The San Mateo County Convention Center would be a perfect substitute. Lots of parking, lots of space, and Caltrain-adjacent.

I love visiting the Bay Area for Wonder-Con, but I have to admit, being from Southern California, it would be cool if they had it at the Anaheim Convention center for a year! I’d never want them to move permanently, as I feel that Wonder-Con BELONGS in SF, but if they moved it down here next year it would be a fun change of venue!

They gotta keep it NorCal at the very least. SoCal folk get Comic-Con, we don’t.
Plenty of places on the Peninsula, East Bay, etc.

Wondercon is a Norcal con! There has to be a local alternative site, right?


Please, keep WonderCon in SF (or at least, in the Bay Area). SoCal already got their amusement parks, Hollywood, Anime Expo, and Comic-Con.

You can’t take Wondercon away from the bay area! SoCal already has huge cons like comic con and anime expo plus all the random other ones that run year round. We only have so many good cons to go to up here. What you SHOULD do is move it to somewhere that has better parking like San Jose maybe? At least for 1 year, I mean there’s so many places to do it here, there’s no reason to have it 6+ hours away.

it has to stay in the bay area! heck, i’ll have it at my house!

as much as wondercon would love to be in norcal, moscone is the biggest of the facilities and at times it isn’t big enough for wondercon, no way it could function at the san mateo county convention center as it does not have the meeting space that wondercon requires.

better not move wonder con is the only good con in the bay ;( i cant afford to travel far

We also multiple porn conventions here in SoCal. Don’t act like ya’ll dunno.

I say bring it down here!

Whatever happened with venues like the Cow Palace, bit enough, has assess to both plenty of parking and public transportation and can hold a lot more people than the Moscone Center ever could.

It has to stay in the Bay area I was planing on visting my inlaws next spring and working the con around that !!!!

San Mateo Convention Center would be great. Not too far from S.F. Close to everything. Easy accessible for dealers flying in. Quality hotels. It would be a great venue for all he pros, fans, and retailers. Close to call most transit. But it should only be there temporary

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