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Marvel offers retailers a Fear Itself variant for unsold Flashpoint tie-ins

Cue up the Steely Dan: Marvel has announced their intention to do it again by offering retailers a rare Ed McGuinness variant of Fear Itself #6 for every 50 covers they send in from certain Flashpoint tie-in titles from DC. Dubbed “Comics for Comics,” the divisive program is intended, according to Marvel, to offer relief to retailers who they say have been saddled with unsold product during the current economic climate. (This claim has met with some skepticism, Tom Brevoort’s protestations notwithstanding.)

Marvel’s done this before: Last year, they offered a J. Scott Campbell Deadpool variant of Siege #3 in exchange not just for unsold Blackest Night “power ring” tie-ins the from DC, but for unsold Siege and X-Men: Second Coming tie-ins as well. A copy of that comic [UPDATE: a signed, CGC-graded one, which I’m told makes a difference] recently sold on eBay for $625 (via ComicsAlliance commenter Tom). I’m curious as to whether Marvel will eventually make its own books eligible for this trade-in, too. (I’m also curious as to whether some other country will provide us with a functioning legislature in exchange for every 50 House GOP members we send them if we default on our debt, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.)



Stay away from political humor, you don’t come off well.

The $625 comic was signed & slabbed, far from what the retailer would have originally received from Marvel. Kind of misleading to include it in the article really.

Sean T. Collins

July 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm

GP: Good point. I’ll note it in the post.

*Sigh*. This is the part of the comic book medium I wish was less and less. These are supposed to be entertainment first, art form second, and investment third. THIRD! People should treat this like any tv show or soap opera they regularly follow, not like a gold brick. The direct market crash of the 1990’s wouldn’t have happened had people been thinking with their cultural tastes instead of their wallets and stock porfolios.

Stay classy, Marvel.

Marvel Comics = the obnoxious frat-boys of the comics medium.

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