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One man’s Tweet is another man’s comic

Look, everyone thinks their kid is cute. But we all can't be right. So somebody got the ugly baby.

J. Torres is a pretty prolific comics writer, with credits that include Alison Dare, Lola: A Ghost Story, Wonder Woman, Jinx, and the Degrassi: Extra Credit graphic novels. Now even his Tweets are being turned into comics, thanks to Eric Kim (Love as a Foreign Language). The two are collaborating on Twit, a single-panel gag strip based on Torres’s Twitter feed. There are just three comics up so far, but already a theme has emerged: Torres is the father of a new baby, and that has factored into all three episodes. The humor is pretty good, and Kim’s deft art makes these comics easy on the eye, so stay tuned for more Twitter funnies.


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Thanks, Brigid! Eric’s picked out a lot of fatherhood-themed tweets to make into strips, but I’ve convinced him to switch gears as we near Comic-Con and do some comic book related ones. It’s a real change of pace, let me tell you. For example, Hank McCoy… gynecologist? Please stay tuned!

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