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Quote of the day | Axel Alonso on Marvel, movies and comic readers

Axel Alonso

“With every new movie that comes out, whether it’s good or bad, it whittles away this notion that comics are some ghetto for nerds. But our first and foremost responsibility is to tell good stories and to sell enough books and we keep our jobs. With all due respect to the movie studio, I’ve got to pay my own rent!”

– Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, discussing his role overseeing comics
that may provide the source material for the company’s growing movie division



That’s cute that he would say that.

No, it whittles away the notion that superheroes are for nerds.

Not even that, by much. Superheroes have been “not nerd” – as /characters/ and /logos/ – for a while now, even before the current influx of movies. Try to find a guy in this country who hasn’t worn a Superman shirt or Batman hat or whathaveyou. (Less so with gals, but you still see the occasional Wonder Woman or pink Superman logo.)

Yeah, it’s hard to judge by looks, and any of those people could be regular comics readers as well, but if the amount of Super apparel I’ve seen translated into actual comics buyers, we wouldn’t be having “not enough readers” conversations in the first place.

Superhero /comics/, though? Still largely seen as being for kids and/or stunted adults. And since to a ton of people superhero comics = the only kind of comics, I’d hesitate before saying “superhero movies make comics look less nerdy.”

I /would/ say that non-superhero movies/shows have done more in that area, but then, most of the big page-to-screen projects have been genre. “Darker” heroes, zombies, whatever’s going on in Scott Pilgrim, etc. Non-genre projects have either appealed more to artsy/literary people – still an audience, but hardly mainstream – or for whatever reason not been connected very strongly to their source material.

Building respect for comics has to come /from/ comics. We readers, retailers, and publishers can’t rely on Hollywood alone to show people how much variety our medium has.

Yeah superheros are more main stream now then they have been but like Angelica said they still carry the stigma of being “for kids and.or stunted adults” Ive got a good friend of mine that when i tell him im going to see thor or Green Lantern or some type of comic book movie he always asks”Were there people dressed up” I just always laugh and tell him its not really like that unless theres like a promotion or something going on and then i do a imitation of Comic Book Guy from the simpsons! As far as variety in the medium i often say that theres really something for everyone in comics.If you enjoy reading any type of books theres a comic book out there for you.

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