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Report: Archie Comics sues Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit

Nancy Silberkleit

Archie Comics has filed a lawsuit against Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit accusing her of bullying and sexually harassing employees, TMZ reports. The company is asking a judge for an injunction preventing Silberkleit from returning to its Mamaroneck, N.Y., headquarters and from representing the company at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Wife of the late Michael Silberkleit, son of Archie Comics co-founder Louis Silberkleit, Nancy Silberkleit was an art teacher who stepped into the co-CEO role in 2009 following the death of her husband. She shares the title with Jon Goldwater, son of company co-founder John L. Goldwater.

TMZ reports that the lawsuit, filed Thursday in New York, documents employee complaints of Silberkleit’s “offensive” behavior dating back to 2009. In one incident she allegedly interrupted a meeting and “pointed to each [attendee] and said, ‘PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS’ and then walked out.”

Archie Comics claims it hired an outside firm to investigate the allegations, and was advised to cut ties with Silberkleit.



Bitter Olde Manne

July 8, 2011 at 1:20 pm

So what? Now that Archie has gone gay, shouldn’t her behavior be accepted in the new, all-inclusive Riverdale, where everyone gets along and is accepted and blah blah blah, no matter what their sexual proclivities might be? BA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Looks good on ‘em.

Sounds like she has a mental disease.

That’s a bit of a shocker. I remember reading an article about her a while back here on CBR (I think) about how she was helping to change the direction of the company and how she’d been instrumental in helping to bring Archie comics into schools and stuff … The accusations paint a very different picture. I hope its not true. I kind of liked having a woman CEO of a comics company …

If these accusations are true, it sounds like she has mental health issues, probably brought on by her husband’s death. She needs help.

wait … Archie’s gay?????

No Julio, he’s just trolling. Kevin Keller, a character in the comics is a homosexual, but Archie is not.

So she likes penis… What’s the big deal?

Maybe she was thinking about how her company’s books could be more like Watchmen.

It almost sounds accusatory the way she says it, like “You have a penis! HOW DARE YOU!”

I suppose it could be her viral marketing the upcoming, “Archie’s Pal, HIS WEINER”. Which would star his dog, Hot Dog.

It’s sad that none of you in the comments section understood what went on. She doesn’t have mental health issues and she doesn’t have sexual yearnings for men’s knobs.

It’s pretty clear that what happened in that meeting was that she was the only female voice in a meeting where she must have felt that no one was agreeing with her point of view on something because they couldn’t see it from a female perspective. Therefore she got upset and expressed that the problem in the room was that they all think with their penis or whatever. And stormed out of the room.

Sexual harassment doesn’t always mean literally sexually advancing on co=workers. In this case it’s considered sexual harassment because she was making a quick assumption based on gender discrimination and insulted her co-CEOs and publishers by defining them by their genitalia. That’s all.

@George Caltsoudas, that’s how I read it to. I can see a situation where a room of people are ignoring the input of one person and how that can infuriate and cause such a reaction.
If it’s true, then maybe they shouldn’t be filing a lawsuit, maybe they should be listening; could be they’re acting just as reactionary as she was in that meeting.

This is obviously a hatchet job conducted by their greasy fraudulent other CEO who is a nepotist with no integrity. This woman was a teacher for 20 years and reluctantly took over the position as co-CEO when her husband died, to the chagrin of her partner. She has done and tries to do marvelous things for the company, and to my understanding, with no support. A male dominated office that has contempt for her can easily band together to create these allegations if they want her gone.

Agree with the more recent comments, sounds like an inside job… but who knows?

Nancy would not say this, but Goldwater would accuse it. He has had it out for her since she became co- ceo and everyone in the industry knows it. They silence her and keep her out of all promotional materials and press releases. And tmz didn’t look to scoop this story, it was leaked by Archie intentionally, obviously their vitriol towards her is so deep they dont care how stupid this accusation make them look.

Jon Goldwater is up to no good and has been since day one at the helm. The company has been turned on it’s side and Mr Goldwater has gotten his employees to take sides in an effort to take control and throw Nancy out. Additionally, artists such as the legandary Stan Goldberg have been tossed aside (after 40 years) as the ultimate Archie Ambassador for no apparent reason. Goldwater will run the company into the ground and that is the ultimate shame of it all. Nancy has to hold her ground (this lawsuit will never stand), put a plan into place to have an equal voice and restore a sense of sanity and direction (including hiring back Stan Goldberg) into Riverdale once more.

Oh my goodness Steve G, could you possibly be the SON of Mr. Goldberg?

And the rest of you anonymous trolls … It must be fun to speculate when you clearly have personal grudges.


Your post is nothing but conjectures and speculations. Do some research.

Oh My God….Could you possibly be Goldwater’s son…..or daughter?…OMG! LOL! SFA! ( grins, eyes ablaze, snap chews gum)

Speculation is the exercise for a weak mind. Grudges? Clearly? Personal? Don’t hang around conversations that your insecure about.

Nice link though. Thumbs up, way cool, you are such a maven………………………….. Dan Parent, Archie’s most overused artist, couldn’t hold a candle to Goldberg. But I understand the whole out with the old in with the new. Archie is on top of the world resurrecting 90s video game characters right? Sooooo awessssoooomee. And Archie is now just a vehicle for cheap satire( Jersey Shore, Twilight, Etc). Shame The Governator thing didn’t work out because everyone would have clamored to buy an 80s action hero comic book based on his time as…..governor………..the kids would eat it up. Whoever decides on these stories has shown themselves to be intellectually and creatively vacant. Maybe they should give Silberkleit the reigns on the creative process. After all, an office that accuses their one female boss that she yells “P, P, P, P” is just looking for stories. And God knows, they need them.

They think they know what they’re doing at Archie, but it seems they’re just fishing in all directions to go cheap and reap new profits. The series of Archie “marriage” books by Goldberg brought the company a ton of new interest. Clearly, his art was a huge, publicly-appreciated part of the Archie brand. He also did uncompensated appearances and signings (as always) for the company to boost those books’ sales, and then it was bait-and-switch. He’s out and a new pool of artists who can’t come close to his level are in, with second-rate experiments on new styles and approaches rampant. Change can be good but only when it’s not stupid. We’ll see how they weather their own storms.

As far as the “penis” scandal is concerned, the company’s past higher-ups have experienced far stronger sex-related allegations in the past, so how squeamish can the current bosses really be over this little “shocker?” This lawsuit could simply be a power play so only the boys can have their way there again.

Same with the mental states among the bosses there, they weren’t brag-worthy before she got involved either.

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