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SDCC ’11 | DiDio tackles questions online in ‘virtual convention panel’

Dan DiDio

Warming up for a grueling Comic-Con International schedule, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio held a virtual convention panel last night on Facebook for fans who can’t make it to San Diego. Highlights from the Q&A include:

• DC no longer has the rights to Archie’s Red Circle superheroes.

• Stephanie Brown will remain part of the DC Universe following the September relaunch. However, DiDio won’t reveal where she is just yet. “Sorry, but we are keeping some secrets,” he wrote, “and one of them involves Stephanie.”

• He’s sticking by his earlier remarks about the status of the Justice Society, saying “the official answer on JSA is that ‘They’re resting’.”

• When can we expect the release of Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, the planned six-issue conclusion of Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder? “Probably when he is The Teen Wonder.”

• Asked whether we’ll ever see the new version of Who’s Who in the DC Universe announced in December 2009, DiDio replied, “the question is not who’s who but when’s when.”

DiDio’s first actual Comic-Con panel, “DC Comics — The New 52,” kicks off at 2 p.m. Thursday in San Diego.



Oh-kay, so Steph’s going to still be around…..yay?

Dan Didio says that the JSA is “resting.” When pressed, he added that they were “pining for the fjords.”

I actually met Dan DiDio for 8 seconds once. He actually answered my question. :)

I call BS on Stephanie Brown. He gave Cassandra Cain fans the same runaround for the past two years. It’ll be no different for Steph.

He’s so full of crap he squeaks when he walks.

I’m not sure if I can even be bothered with Dark Knight: Boy Wonder anymore, but another who’s who would be cool!

Ahahahaah. “The Teen Wonder”

I want stephanie to be spoiler again and chill out with Gen13 because she needs her own team and they are ripe for use.

The JSA is a hard concept to keep relevant since it is tied to ww2 so the farther you go from ww2 it is harder to keep them relevant since most of the members will have died out.

yeah I’m a fan of the JSA and hopefully they’ll stick to their great WW2 background, at least on Earth-2 or wherever they end up.

I still think nuDC should be on Earth-1, and everything else up to that point was on another earth. Would have worked better after Final Crisis like they wanted, and Morrison could have blown up the world too!

DC no longer has the rights to the Red Circle heroes.

That sucks. Why doesn’t DC just buy them outright from Archie ?

I hope there’s an announcement about DC buying the rights to Milestone at least.

I wonder if Stephanie will still have a kid that she gave up (which hopefully someday will come back to haunt her).

So no more Red Circle huh? Gee, I don’t feel so bad not having spent the money on any of those comics. I guess it was such a fail, even after all the fanfare that surrounded it back when it was “big news.”

Maybe Marvel/Disney can get them and cross them over with Ultraverse?

I have decided to give DC Comics ‘a rest’ after buying comics since the 60’s. Dumping the history so Jim Lee and company have their own way is enough reason for me not to jump on board. Only one I’ll keep is Doc Savage if it survives. I quit buying Marvels when Jim Shooter as editor-and-chief made so lame brain editorial decisions and have bought ONE book since the 80’s.

DC markets the change as a good jumping on point – IT IS ALSO A GOOD JUMPING OFF POINT.

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