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SDCC ’11 | Grant Morrison on the Atom

I might still like to do the Atom. I think there’s something great to be done with the Atom that hasn’t been done yet…I like the idea of doing an Atom story where he can only shrink to a certain size for each episode. One of the things I felt didn’t work about the Atom was that he was up and down [in height] and could do anything. I thought it would be really good to do stories of a guy who has so much power to shrink that he does it for missions when he’s brought in. So it’s slightly more Indiana Jones, where this guy works as a professor during the day, but sometimes he’ll get a call from the President — “There’s monsters in the White House carpet” kinda stuff. — and he comes in and deals with that. But in another episode he might just shrink to six inches and be chased around a room by bad guys and cats and dogs, like Incredible Shrinking Man stuff. I thought there’s a sci-fi series in there, where each issue is him at a different scale. In some he could be trapped at a molecular scale, and in other ones he’s one inch and trapped in the garden.

Action Comics and Supergods writer and superhero-revamper extraordinaire Grant Morrison in conversation with CBR’s Jonah Weiland, who asked him what B-list characters he’d still like to take a crack at. And hey, Morrison’s proven his proficiency with sprawling supporting-player revamps in the past with projects like Seven Soldiers (not to mention the upcoming Multiversity, which he says will have a similar focus on DC’s deep bench), so would it be out of the question for him to throw a Ryan Choi: Rebirth and Atom Incorporated into the mix? For now, I’ll file this with his much-discussed desire to write Wonder Woman under projects we’ll hopefully get to see one day.

Watch the entire video above for more Morrison commentary on the Lois & Clark marriage, Superman’s costume, Action Comics, New X-Men, Supergods, Sinatoro and more.



If Al Pratt, Adam Cray and Ryan Choi were brought back to life and t hey teamed up with Ray Palmer, would they have to call themselves the Molecule?

Y’know, I’m just geek enough to have the two voice actors who played Ray Palmer — Pat Harrington Jr. (aka Schneider from One Day at a Time) and John C. McGinley — do a dramatization of The Atom #36, with Harrington playing Al Pratt…

I will read anything you write Grant.

I always figured Morrison would want to explore the Atom shrinking to a size where matter and energy are entirely interchangeable and go into all that quantum super-science stuff of the underpinnings of reality: hologram realities and the like. I know those are the Atom stories I want to read.

Oh God No!!!! Hasn’t Morrison ruined enough characters? Please Grant Morrison, go back to Marvel and get out of the DC Universe so we no longer have to bear your crappy stories with no beginnings and no endings.

All-New Atom was one of the post-Infinite Crisis series based off ideas and concepts by Grant Morrison.

@nWoJeffDW: Please. He does the best comics DC puts out. Ruined. What a laugh.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Morrison on Atom could be a good idea. It would revitalize a marginal character who never maintains a book for very long. He could run with his wild ideas and it wouldn’t muck around too badly with the rest of the DCU. Unlike say Batman Incorporated or Final Crisis.

Funny. If Al Pratt was ever on Justice League Unlimited, I would’ve casted Jerry Stiller as an older Pratt, while Anthony Michael Hall played the younger one in a flashback.

Jake Earlewine

July 28, 2011 at 7:50 pm

There’s still room for plenty of good stories about Ray Palmer. Great writers and artists have done wonders with less interesting characters than the Atom.

But please, don’t make him “grim and gritty” or draw him like a manga character or in scratchy Jim Lee style.

“If Al Pratt, Adam Cray and Ryan Choi were brought back to life and t hey teamed up with Ray Palmer, would they have to call themselves the Molecule?”

– Rahadyan

I hope they have a neutral charge because the name Ion was already taken by Kyle Rayner.

I don’t think this project will ever happen…. Grant’s just FISSION for ideas.

Sean T. Collins

July 29, 2011 at 4:46 am

D. Peace, you are my hero.

Please. [Morrison] does the best comics DC puts out.

Wow. Given the quality of post-Didio DC comics, that’s faint praise indeed.

@nWoJeffDW: Someone with “nWo” in their name talking about story? HAH! Go back to professional wrestling, and leave comic books to us smarmy, intellectual nerds!

@P3llin0r3 – You mean Pseudo-Intellectual. Those that like Grant Morrison I’ve learned only do so because it’s the only way they feel smart.

Go read a real book and maybe you will be smart. You’ll also learn the difference between proper story-telling and just throwing ideas against a wall.

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