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SDCC ’11 | Lady Luck revealed as mystery Justice League member

Justice League, by Jim Lee

When the line-up for the post-relaunch Justice League was revealed a few weeks ago, many fans wondered who the woman was on the right, beneath Green Arrow and Hawkman. Was it Zealot, Black Canary, Power Girl, Savant, Lady Quark or any of the other characters fans guessed?

Well, if you guessed the 1940s character Lady Luck, then you’re in luck …

At the DC Comics “New 52″ panel today in San Diego, Justice League writer Geoff Johns solved the mystery. As Kiel Phegley reports on CBR, the character is “a reinvention of an old character called Lady Luck…every time she buys a lottery ticket she wins. She’s going to get involved with the JLA after she attempts to buy out WayneTech.” He added she takes up crime fighting because she feels her life of luck has left her frustrated and directionless.

If you’re curious as to who the original Lady Luck was, a quick look around the internet reveals she was created and designed by Will Eisner in the 1940s under the pseudonym “Ford Davis,” along with artist Chuck Mazoujian. She was created to fill the back pages of a 16-page Sunday newspaper supplement that was done in the form of a comic book; Eisner’s The Spirit occupied the first half, and Lady Luck shared the spotlight with Ms. Mystic. Other creators who worked on the character include writer Dick French, and artists Nick Cardy, Klaus Nordling and Fred Schwab. In those comics, Lady Luck didn’t have super powers, and her alter ego was Brenda Banks. You can find more information on her here and here.



You have got to be kidding. That is the worst idea for a comic character I have ever heard.

wasnt there a Donald duck character that had that power?

Wow, lame.

Lol, haters. How is this different from Gambit (or Domino) and their stupid luck powers?

The complaints are getting ridiculous.

What seems odd to me is I would have sworn Lady Luck was an Eisner-owned character Quality was reprinting, not a Quality character on her own. I wonder if DC is sure of their freedom to use her.

Domino’s not that lucky

It’s Longshot. Or, as Mike T remembers, it’s Gladstone Gander, after whom Gladstone Publishing was named. Gladstone, of course, isn’t publishing anymore. Their luck ran out.

That’s interesting. The original Lady Luck – Brenda Banks – was a socialite who didn’t have any luck powers. I wonder if this is a reinvention of the same Brenda Banks, or if this is a new legacy character.

Gambit doesn’t have luck powers. he absorbs the energy he makes when in motion and redirects thru his cards and other things.

on topic, i honestly am surprised and its more of a wait and see for me. To the haters, this was the man who made gl and flash and even aquaman cool again. im sure she will be just fine.

Huh, I have some reprints of the old Lady Luck comics. Totally surprised to see her revamped at this point. I guess it *is* a character that they can tinker with and not upset anyone. It’s likely that most of her fanbase is no longer among the living.

This has probably been addressed a coupl’a dozen times, but are they all (except maybe Aquaman) wearing some type of armor?

I read the Lady Luck thing and that HAS to be a joke. Especially since there is nothing backing it up.

Kudos to Geoff for utilizing an old Eisner creation. We’ll see how it plays out. Wonder if this means Spirit may somehow show up in the DCnu.

Are we sure this wasn’t a joke answer that is now being taken seriously? Geoff has been known to do this from time to time as his humor is incredibly dry at conventions.

HAHAHA yeah i remember him from a episode of Ducktales.

“How is this different from Gambit (or Domino) and their stupid luck powers?”

Um, it’s not. That’s why it’s stupid.

Ppl act like there’s never been a character with the same powers as another character.

“The complaints are getting ridiculous.”

The carping about any complaints is even more pathetic. Previews invite criticism, so get over yourself. And yes, Lady Luck is a pretty weak character to revive, but perhaps DC is running out of ones they haven’t trashed already.

Son Of Origins

July 25, 2011 at 11:57 am

In light of the popularity of things such as The Twelve, Legacies, Marvel Projects, Project Superpowers, Mystery Men, Agents of Atlas etc, this makes perfect sense. It has some nostalgia value for the fans of Golden Age character revivals while to newer readers it seems like a new character. And the “good luck” power can be entertaining if done right. Some of the stories where Black Cat got good luck powers back in Spectacular Spider-Man were entertaining, IMO. I’ve seen powers a lot lamer than this.

As a fan of all things from the Golden Age, I love the idea and would like to see it happen more often.

It’s an obscure choice definitely, but I’m still taking a wait and see attitude on everything DC in September.

For sure this is a tremendously unexpected choice, and probably there are several characters that deserve to be on the roster more than Lady Luck. However as said above, its best to wait and see how it plays out, because as it stands now Lady Luck cound be anything of being everything from average player, horrible scrappy or being totally awesome.

I’m really disappointed that it isn’t Jenny Blitz (from Deathstroke’s Flashpoint tie-in). It sure does look a lot like her, though. Maybe it still can be? Maybe Lady Luck can be her alter ego? It would be a shame to relegate a cool character like that to a three issue run. I guess we shall see in a few weeks just which direction this is heading, right?



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