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SDCC ’11 | Lois Lane’s new boyfriend revealed [Updated]

Introducing Jonathan Carroll, Lois Lane's new boyfriend

When DC Comics confirmed on Monday that, as of its September relaunch, the 15-year marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane never happened, the publisher tossed in another juicy relationship detail: “Lois Lane is dating a colleague at the Daily Planet (and his name isn’t Clark Kent).” Could it be Steve Lombard or Ron Troupe? Perry White or Jimmy Olsen?

It turns out it’s none of those. Instead, the New York Daily News tells us this morning, Lois’ boyfriend is … Jonathan Carroll. No, not the award-winning fantasy author. The blond beau is a new character debuting in September’s Superman #1, where, judging by the preview, he receives a shirtless introduction to Clark and the readers.

Superman #1, by George Perez and Jesus Merino, goes on sale Sept. 28. Expect more details to emerge at Comic-Con International during this afternoon’s “DC Comics: The New 52″ presentation and Friday’s Superman panel.

Updated: DC has released a better-quality preview of Superman #1. You can see Jonathan’s two-page introduction after the break.



Blond haired blue eyed?

All right who’s taking bets before the first year is over the bf is going to be revealed as the new Captain Nazi?

Christian Otholm

July 21, 2011 at 5:38 am

Why is he naked at his work place?

What publication is this they’re working at again? The Daily Planet? They sure are taking Casual Friday to a whole new level!

How stupid. I won’t be reading Superman again until Lois and Clark get married again.

Weak criticism of the scene… you have no context for it occurring at the Planet…

Look closely, the pages aren’t even IN ORDER

You know, I don’t have a problem with Lois dating someone other than Clark. The break-up of the Super-marriage, yes. But Clark spent most of the Golden Age futilely longing for Lois’ affection, and in the Iron Age too he had to work to get closer to her. Having her date someone else is just one more obstacle in his way, but it doesn’t preclude a Lois and Clark romance forever, unless DC wants it to.

the son becomes

July 21, 2011 at 8:47 am

Hmm, Singer wasn’t far off then with Jason White. What was good about that character was that he was likeable, providing more conflict than if he was just some hateful jock.

After reading DC for close to 30 years they have finally decided to push me aside for someone younger. Good luck DC in trying to find younger readers who are willing to spend 50+ dollars on comics per week. On the bright side, I’ll be able to afford more 3.99 Marvel titles after August. Goodbye DC, it was fun.

Darth Eradicus

July 21, 2011 at 8:55 am

I guess I’m the only one who’s been reading DC for decades who’s excited about all the changes…

This is a smart move by DC. Superman needs to be unpredictable and dramatic to appeal to a broad audience, and having him married to girl he chased for 50 years is boring.

When the two lead characters get married, the story is over, and people leave.

When David and Maddie finally got together on Moonlighting, the show was cancelled.

When Lois & Clark got married on the TV series, the show was cancelled.

When Lois & Clark got engaged in the comic, young readers lost interest and left (including me), but the series went on, probably because aging fanboys kept it afloat.

Well, 30,000 fanboys aren’t enough to keep Superman going.

Superman isn’t for YOU, he’s for everyone.


That’s fine. Take your whining elsewhere child and leave the real comic collecting for the true fans.

Oh, good, I see DC is taking notes from other succesful interpretations of the character like Superman Returns. (?)


July 21, 2011 at 9:12 am

Ok…I know these are comic book characters and are really not any more impportant than the paper they are printed on…BUT…what moronic jackanape decided to put years of history right into the trash compactor but cherry pickj the stuff they waqnt and disgard the rest. For those of you out there who remember it…I forsee another DC Implosion…or worse…Bobby Ewing is going to be in the shower when we all wake up.

Superman sure looks like a chump there, shuffling dejectedly into the elevator. What a loser.

don’t bother knocking, the Fortress of Solitude is gonna be rocking when Superman and Wonder Woman get together ..

“Superman isn’t for YOU, he’s for everyone.”

How many yous in everyone?

I don’t mind them not being married or even dating, I honestly just don’t want a love triangle back. It’s been done to death and if they’re doing a reboot, might as well throw it all out and do something fresh similar to how Wonder Woman’s love interest was completely taken out during the last reboot. Hell, give her a kid like in the movie but let it not be Clark’s this time

Gary in Philly

July 21, 2011 at 9:25 am

The unwillingness of publishers and creators (and some fans) to allow super-heroes to marry and STAY married (not just Superman but also Spider-Man) is a sign of the unwillingness of the genre to grow past its adolescent origins. Sure, there are plenty of examples of married heroes, but few with any true lasting popularity (Aquaman? give me a break!). Reed and Sue are the only couple that has maintained a relatively stable marriage without losing popularity. Carter and Shiera? How many times have they been cancelled? (And killed?) The various Flashes? How many times have they been cancelled and re-started? The Vision and Wanda? Hank and Jan? Ralph and Sue?

People who think marriage bores down a hero are those who think marriage itself is inherently boring. All that shows is a lack of both maturity and imagination.

So yeah, chalk me up as strongly disapproving of the annulment of Clark and Lois–but then continuity reboots tend to drive me away, anyway.

Gotta love how people want superhero comics to “outgrow their adolescent origins” so that they can keep on dying. I mean, the entire superhero genre is an adolescent power fantasy. Just accept it and move on with your life.

I really understand the logic behind the “soft reboot”, but as someone in his 40s who has read comics for his entire life, I do wish they had done one thing differently. I wish we had been made aware of these changes prior to the release of Flashpoint #1, and we could have gotten a final “episode” with the former status quo, like “Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel.” I just would have been nice to give the old history a respectful send off.

I do think they are overestimating the impact this will have on print sales, however. There is a reason bands like the Eagles and AC/DC are selling multi million CDs at Walmart…it’s us old farts that still buy CDs. If you want to sell print comics, shouldn’t you gear them to the older demographic, not the young kids who are reading comics and books, watching TV, listening to music, and playing games on their phones and tablets?

Oh well, guess they are wiser than I…anyway, I have to go chase a bunch of kids with IPADS off my damn lawn.

Superman has just become DC’s Spider-Man…

First and for most the only thing Dc Comics is trying to do is cover their butts until the copyright issue is dealt with come 2013 when the copyrights of Superman reverts back to the families of the creator.That does include Lois Lane in the package deal, seeing as she was in Action Comics #1 and the judge has agreed that everything in that issue from Superman origin to the love triangle will belong to the Shuster and Siegel family.It’s as clear as day what they were trying to do by changing Superman’s costume look.No more red trunks on the outside.Legally speaking the family of the creators has every right to regain the copyrights to the character as the law states the the heirs may inherit the copyright character as long as it was not a work for hire, which Superman was not.

Superman only gained several powers after the character was brought into the fold under the company.These powers belong to Dc Comics so what the family would only get is Superman’s original look and powers, his Clark Kent identity not to mention Lois Lane.They already own Superman’s origin.So you can understand why there will be a rewrite of the Man Of Steel movie script.2013 will be a very interesting year indeed.I can’t wait to see how the legal proceedings end.

You know, thing is, after the Byrne-reboot, DC promised us a ‘new, more hip’ version of Lois. This Lois was a successful mystery novelist, a hard-biting journalist, and a jaded world-weary realist that was instantly suspicious of Superman’s altruistic ‘mission’. I can remember even being told that we would see a possible set of graphic novels or mini-series’ that would be ‘cases’ of Lois’s that she would turn into her mystery novels. But, as in all things, as DC changed staff, DC changed their minds. Now, with Levitz out of the Publisher’s chair and Warner Bros. firmly in control, the company is now less about publishing and more about staging properties for media exploitation. Whether it is for the ultimate good or bad of DC, only time will tell. For this longtime reader and customer, it is one change too many. Again, as DC changes staff, the characters will become more and more convoluted. Eventually, I can see depending on the the creative team, any character being whatever Warner Bros. thinks will sell books or make a character sellable to the masses. Seriously, just bring back Hypertime and announce that from this month forward, all books take place in Hypertime and only the current storyline takes place in the same unique Earth/timeline. Thus, no continuity concerns and the latest ‘HOT’ novelist/screenwriter that wants to do comics can do their one good story without worry.

By the way, for all of those that keep throwing the legal case involving the copyright of Action Comics #1 up into this mess, remember this, the case involves the copyright to the elements of the Superman story in Action #1. DC Comics i.e. Warner Bros. owns the Trademarks to Superman and the other characters. Therefore, what will the families gain? They will not be able to sell “Superman”, since no company would be able to publish without infringing on the trademark. Characters that are derivatives of Superman have been published for years. So, at best, you will end up with a situation like Miracleman/Marvelman and that is only if the families and/or DC are unwilling to come to the table and create a licensing agreement, and that is only if the ultimate appeal to the Supreme Court upholds the most recent ruling.

Oh look whining before the Issue is out

Unheard of.

Oh and I’m betting this guy becomes a villain – possibly the new Parasite in a freak accident.

@nataniel: The least of it’s problems is Jason White
Plus it wasn’t that bad really barring Luthor.

arnaldo antonio

July 21, 2011 at 11:10 am

sad to said but i wanna send the dc writers to one place they don`t come back again. it`s a bad job you all are doing. it`s better i change to avengers and x men and you go sell you`re books to the new readers (and i wish they are none).

LOL, ok. I’ve been made fun of online. OH NO! What shall I do now? Oh the pain, the misery.

BTW, Jim Lee and his 90’s costume designs are another travesty coming in August.

Time to play the ‘wah-wah’ trombone for Clark.

Personally, I was hoping Lois was going to be dating Lana Lang. Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

Stop by and see my at the SDCC Glory Hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t like it, because it doesn’t read like, “Oh, this is just Clark before he and Lois hooked up,” it reads like, “We know that Clark and Lois had a wonderful relationship that made Clark and Superman better people, and now it’s gone.” The problem with the reboot to me is that you can’t recapture that sense of hope that Clark and Lois will someday get together, when we all know that they’ve already been together. I know there isn’t a deal with Mephisto involved, but it still feels like OMD to me

Wait–Perry’s not fat? Like at ALL?

Oh, right, Lois’ new “nocturnal companion.” This is some of the worst writing that I could have hoped to read. But hey, that’s why I read superhero comics–because I am an idiot who enjoys bad writing.

I 100% agree with Gary in Philly’s assessment of the superhero-genre. But I think it’s probably more along the lines of aging. If a character gets married, they’re getting old and if they’re getting old we’d have to come up with someone new to replace them. We cannot come up with something new that is as good as the old so we’ll just reboot and keep recycling what we have.

Let’s work on spelling next time. If you’re going to try and bash someone, make sure you don’t sound ignorant when doing it.

Chose your words carefully, my friends and I have bets riding on your future comments. We’ve made a game out of your comments while we wait for Captain America.

p.s. Really? An extra “S” is the best you can come up with? GlassSmasher was better.

Poor Jonathan Carroll. Makes his pop culture debut


July 21, 2011 at 12:28 pm

The super-marriage had an expiration date on it the moment it happened. In fact, I’m surprised it didn’t happen 5 years ago.

DC knows that Superman works better without all the continuity of the 90s – the marriage, the extended cast, etc. If we take off the fan blinders, it’s obvious: Superman being married isn’t central to the character’s concept. When Superman was the #1 fictional character in the world – the representation people still know and remember – he wasn’t married. The Superman films with Christopher Reeve? Not married.

This was a stunt done during the 90s – the lowest circulation era of comics. EVER.

I get that it’s an important milestone to fans that got into Superman then. But that doesn’t mean the 90s status quo remains intact forever. Sorry.


July 21, 2011 at 12:32 pm

For that matter, nor does this mean DC is anti-marriage. That’s absurd.

They’re against Superman being married. Characters like Barry Allen, Aquaman, Wally West and so on are happily married – despite DC de-aging most of its characters to their mid-20s.

“Jonathan Carroll”? Small world, that’s my grandpa’s name. Anyway i wonder if a few issues in “John” loses his hair and changes his name to Lex?

Nice to Lois with a boyfriend who seems an okay guy but why is Clark suddenly Peter Parker? WTH…come on DC! I’m all for the relaunch but seeing Clark mooing again is enough.

Sorta reminds me of the situation with José Degaldo in AoS #466, which coincidentally happened a couple of issues after Perez left Action Comics.

I was hoping for Lex Luthor.

Why’s she “in bed” wearing a suit..?

Oh look, Lois has a boyfriend and she seems HAPPY!!! God forbid the woman can have one of those who seems a nice guy!!!!! Wow we must have her moon and hanker after super rock star man. DC if you were really serious you could show Lois for a change find a nice man because for years she’s been with jerks and sorry but that includes Superman at times.

But I don’t get why he should think Lois would watch him or want him…come on Kent…man the hell up! Is this the guy Morrison is writing about? The guy that seems so full of life and zest?

I’m a bit disappointed that the writing and artwork are so weak. The art isn’t dynamic or stylised enough to make it feel visually refreshing. And the dialogue is very pedestrian and too exposition-heavy. Plus it feels far too unrealistic for two characters to have a conversation last that long at a doorway–normally, she would let him in the foyer of her flat, even if she’s a bit upset with him. As a result, the dialogues should have been much shorter. I would have enjoyed seeing Perry changed to a woman. So much for ‘SHAKING THINGS UP’ and maing it more accessible to a contemporary audience.

I do like the creative changes that ARE there though. And I love the idea of making Lois a TV reporter instead of a newspaper journalist–or at least that’s what I understood from the dialogue in that scene. Unless I got that wrong.

When does Clark get all emo? On the next page?

“Ok…I know these are comic book characters and are really not any more impportant than the paper they are printed on…BUT…what moronic jackanape decided to put years of history right into the trash compactor but cherry pick the stuff they wasn’t and disgard the rest.”

Did Joe Quesada move to DC ???

ugh DC went a made their own version of Poochie in this new character.

>Superman has just become DC’s Spider-Man…

You mean it’s become the company’s top selling solo character? Cool!

“DC knows that Superman works better without all the continuity of the 90s – the marriage, the extended cast, etc”

Oh, why don’t you like the extended cast? I thought that had an appeal to it. The 90’s Ordway et al. Superman may not be as good as the 50’s/60’s Bates, Swan, Anderson et al. Superman, sure– it had a lot of problems, but when I went back to them, the extended cast, soap-opera quality was the most interesting thing about it. Sure, I wished it were executed better; the Superman adventures themselves were not very good; but… I liked how populated Metropolis felt. Also: Jonathan Carroll is a good writer.

My guess is that Supes ends up banging the blond guy if the sales aren’t high enough… That will make another CNN special report.

Forever Alone!!!!!!!

Superman hasn’t had b*lls for 20 something years…I thought DC was giving him it back. So they not giving us the tired Lois/Superman/Clark triangle…but the trite and predictable…Lois/blond guy/Clark triangle. Seriously is he just a masochist? Can the guy just be allowed to breathe and just be single without this mopey…I can’t have Lois so feel sorry for me?

Good… now please don’t let Clark fall in love with Lois Lane again!! I liked the idea of Supes and WW being an item…

My first issue was Superman v1 136, cover date April 1960. Life is change. I liked the marriage, but they’re freshening the line to keep things robust and bring in new readers, and I’m fine with that. The writing is great and the presentation — art, coloring, lettering, all of it — is gorgeous. All I ask is that they avoid stupid stories about Lois slipping kryptonite into Clark’s corn flakes or something. I’ve seen way too many of those over the years.

Does anybody really think these changes are going to stick? This is just another year-long DC event. Some of the more popular changes might remain but in a year or so it’ll be back to normal.

I remember similar criticisms, wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the Superman character back when John Byrne rebooted the character. I’m sure there were similar criticisms around the “Kryptonite No More” approach back in the 70’s and the reboot/ reimagining back in the sixities.

Comics are a cyclic animal – every 20 yrs the rug is taken out and beaten on the back porch, the dust is blown away and then it’s brought back inside, very similar to the state it was before, but somewhat cleaner, somewhat newer. You can scream and wail as much as you want about the rug, but eventually it’ll accumulate more dust and debris and will need to be taken outside and beaten again – probably around 2035.

This is the nature of comics – if you sit back and complain you obviously haven’t been paying attention or a completely clueless newbie. This is my 36th consecutive year as a comic reader/ collector – If I can still embrace change, so can you.


Nothing seems all that brilliant here. The layouts are boring. The characters here look like they were designed by Rob Liefeld. Clark kent is in reality the wimp that Peter Parker always was. Oh, boy, am I really enticed to pick up this drivel. Geez, doesn’t anyone have fun any more fighting crime or even having a good life? I really miss Superman. They should have rebooted to the original Siegel concept where Superman kicked ass, and the cops were after him while the people cheered. If you’re going to start over, start over. Superman kicked ass, and Clark was the put on secret identity so he could live among the humans. Geez, Clark should go and date someone new. Actually, ol’ Clark never needed women, he just went out and kicked ass as Superman. If you went bacvk to that, you’d get back a lot of those kids you are tryiong to entice instead of wimpy Clark feel oh, so depressed over Lois Lane. Wagggh waggh waggh. Bad Image comics meet Spider-Man and this is what we get.

Ok. This is a piec of craps. Can somebody kick the butt of Grant Morrison?. What a shity idea!.

I hope this break up and relaunch does not have anything to do with how Smallville portrayed Lois and Clark.

I wish companies and writers would take more real RISKS with these characters and do things that had more permanence!! I’m definitely interested in seeing how the romance between Superman and Wonder woman plays out, though I’m not a big fan of the whole… ‘lets erase everything and act like the history of these characters never happened’. There is a way that you could have written Superman ending up with Wonder Woman and still kept the history of a marriage between Lois and Clark something that did occur….but that of course would probably have meant a divorce or the death of Lois Lane. To be honest (and not to sound too heartless) but I think Lois’s death would have been a better choice. I know that this would probably NEVER happen because she may be too iconic of a character to really ever kill …(.even though Frank Miller did it in his DK2 books.) As harsh as something like this may seem I still would find it preferable to just ‘nixing’ the entire history of Superman over the past 15 years just so that you can finally get Him and WW together (even though that’s something that many comic fans, like myself, may have always wanted to see happen). I guess I just wish that writers or companies were willing to take REAL risk with these iconic characters, doing more permanent things without doing just another “re-boot”. If they did maybe it would create some real interest and drama because readers wouldn’t always feel like they knew who was going to live and die and that nothing really serious or permanent was ever going to happen to any of these characters. Just my 2 cents.

I think people get too caught up in continuity. It’s a devise that helps make compelling stories sure, but it’s a devise like any other. When you have a character that’s got fans that span generations one would hope they would do a lot of different takes on a character. If it was just another story of Clark clumsily hitting on Lois then it would be far less interesting to me, and there’s nothing that prevents it from happening again in the future.

Even for those who love continuity and can only value a story if it’s validated by still being part of the canon today wouldn’t want *every* single tidbit from every comic to count. The characters would be remarkably restrained. I think it’s cool to use it where it helps or adds depth, and where it’s constraining I’m just as okay with them breaking the mold.

A story is good to me because it presents a lot of ideas I find compelling, not because it corroborates some story from 1985.

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