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SDCC ’11 | Photos from the floor

Ah, Comic-Con … there’s nothing like fighting through the crowds, and there’s nothing like finding a quiet corner somewhere to post all the pictures you’ve taken …

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is all over the show today, promoting the shiny new book he’s writing at Dark Horse called Orchid. He said at a panel today that Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance is a friend of his and is the one who introduced him to his new “Dark Horse family.”

After taking this picture, I was almost run over by WWE’s Triple H. Only at Comic-Con can you bounce between a Nightwatchmen and The Game …

Here’s Jeff Smith’s Cartoon Books booth, which has some new RASL additions this year.

The Marvel booth is always crowded.

As is the DC booth. And I have not yet seen one of those Wayne Casinos poker chips.


Here’s Art Baltazar signing at the DC booth. I took this with our new contributor Caleb in mind.

The AiT/Planet Lar booth is doubling as a First Comics booth. And they have four First titles for sale, including Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s awesome Necessary Monsters.



Awesome Tom Morello! I look forward to all 2 to 3 issues that will come out of this before you move on. Maybe a crossover with Steven Baldwin, Milo Ventimeglia and Tyrese Gibon’s creations someday?

Comic characters who are former prostitutes are coolest!

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