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SDCC ’11 | The Crow returns at IDW

IDW Publishing announced yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con plans to bring James O’Barr’s The Crow back into print, both in new comics and in collector’s editions of the older material.

According to the press release, IDW will produce several comics series in the universe of The Crow comics and based on the upcoming feature film. “I’m glad to see The Crow land at IDW,” said Ted Adams, the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “I edited the last Crow series when I ran Todd McFarlane’s comics in the late ‘90’s, and we’re looking forward to bringing this classic character back to the medium in 2012 at IDW.”

Published by Caliber Press in the late 1980s, the comic has appeared from many different publishers over the years, including Kitchen Sink Press, London Night Studios, Random House and Image Comics. It was adapted into film in 1994, spawning three sequels and a television series. The story revolves around Eric Draven and his girlfriend, who are attacked by a group of thugs when their car breaks down. After both are beaten and killed, Draven is resurrected and seeks revenge.



When I read the comic, I always assumed Eric never died, he just went nuts.

A beautiful piece of work, a true classic. my old tpb is so used, I’m glad to have the opportunity to buy a new edition of the masterpiece by James O’Barr.

I think it’s a bad idea to remake the original crow. Except for “Bedazzled,” every remake has fallen short. Besides, Brandon Lee is iconic as the crow. Doing a remake will be like Superman Returns all over again.

I was fortunate to have bought a copy of the Crow when it was published by Kitchen Sink Press, (before they went bankrupt.) So I am glad that those who haven’t read it, will now have a chance to do so. As for the new comics, I hope they are good. (I don’t want to see a repeat of City of Angels.)

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