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SDCC ’11 | Viz Media announces online manga site

Viz Media announced the launch of their online manga site,, at their 25th anniversary party in San Diego last night. The site syncs with their iPad and iPhone apps, so users can buy the manga on one platform and read it on all three, and it is also compatible with Android devices. As with the iOS apps, the manga is priced at $4.99 per volume, but Viz is offering 40% off all volume 1’s through July 31 to get people started. In addition, the first chapter of every manga is available as a free preview. Viz has been aggressive with their digital strategy, so the new site launches with over 300 volumes comprising more than 40 series, and some, such as Bakuman, are up to date with the print releases.



Site looks great, and I’m really glad to see that everything syncs… but I visited the site, following your link here, and I’m logged in under some random fan’s account (“defektesmosaik”), with access to their 8 purchased books. I’m not sure if they’re local (a quick google search says they may be in the same state?) and if that’s part of the problem. Anyone else running into this?

Well, since I’m logged in as someone who clearly has used the app and bought a lot, I CAN say that the site has a glitch. :P
Under “My Manga”, it only shows volumes from 4 series, but on the right-hand bar, advertising various series, it says “latest purchase: volume X” for at least a half dozen other series. If I go directly to that volume, I can read it, they just don’t show up under the My Manga list.

(…ignore the happy emoticon. The comment was supposed to read a bit more sarcastically.)

Brigid Alverson

July 22, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Whoa, that’s really weird. The link was just to the site, and when I went there I wasn’t logged in as anyone—and I successfully logged in with my pre-existing Viz account.

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