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SDCC Wishlist | Amy Mebberson’s Green Lantern/Muppets mash-up

Muppet Lanterns

If you’re looking for some fun prints to buy in San Diego this weekend, Strawberry Shortcake artist Amy Mebberson has several, including the above mash-up of DC’s various Lanterns and the Muppets. Mebberson is no stranger to the Muppets, having drawn them when BOOM! had the license, and she’ll have a non-color coded Muppets print as well.

You can find Mebberson and James Silvani (Darkwing Duck) in the Artist Alley area of the con, table Table HH20. Just think of water …



As cool as these are — reaching back to The Dark Crystal for Black Lantern Skeksis! — I’m sure I’m not the only one that was hoping to see another GL/Muppet parody trailer….

Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s Uncle Deadly (who appeared on The Muppet Show), not a Skeksis.

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