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Siegel & Shuster Society campaigns for Superman license plates

The Siegel & Shuster Society's concept of what the Superman plate might look like

A Cleveland group dedicated to celebrating the city as the “Birthplace of Superman” is leading a campaign to get the familiar “S” insignia emblazoned on Ohio specialty license plates.

The Plain Dealer reports that the nonprofit Siegel & Shuster Society, founded in 2008 to commemorate the creation of the Man of Steel in the city’s Glenville neighborhood by a teenage Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, has to collect 500 names on a petition as the first step toward the plate. A state senator has agreed to propose the plate in the Ohio legislature once the signatures are gathered.

The organization hopes to have the plates available by 2013, the 75th anniversary of Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1. Specialty plates, sold by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, typically cost anywhere between $25 and $35 more than standard plates. A portion of sales would go to the Siegel & Shuster Society to fund Superman projects.



I would totally get new plates if this happens. Definitely better than the current Ohio plates.

Well, there goes my dream of having a license plate that says “HITMAN.”

Uh, how is Ohio the birthplace of aviation? Why would the plate have an image of the Wright flyer when the year on the plate is 1803?

It’s called the birthplace of aviation because the Wright brothers lived in Dayton and developed their airplane there; “1803” refers to the date of Ohio’s (retroactive) admission into the Union.

If this gets approved I will be trading my plates for those. Gomer, OH born and bred.

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