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The Dark Knight Rises may or may not involve economic crisis, S&M

Leave it to Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese studio last seen on Robot 6 explaining the history of the danger-fraught Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, to view the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises through a fractured prism that makes Grant Morrison’s wildest of storylines seem humdrum by comparison. Judging from this video, the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s movie trilogy has something to do with the bankruptcy of Wayne Enterprises, rising food prices at Wal-Mart, a lovesick Batman, and the return of Halle Berry as a whip-cracking Catwoman.




If they made this, I would be the first in line.

Uhm…Looks like there are some obvious jokes/references to Nolan’s previous work, including: Memento (0:34 – 0:44) and Inception (0:52 – 1:01)

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