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What does America smell like?

Kinda like this:

Captain America joins Iron Man in the Diesel line of cologne, just in time for his big blockbuster movie, Captain America: The First Avenger.

The limited edition fragrance is made of lemon, mandarin and coriander leaf; essential oils of landanum, violet leaves and rosemary; plus amber, leather and cedar — all essential ingredients of the Super Solider serum.

Cap is currently framing the Diesel site, which has various blog posts featuring the hero. Check out another look at the box art, drawn by Bryan Hitch, after the jump.


Box Art



Shouldn’t it smell like apple pie? Or maybe hot dogs?

(I think they’ve at least got the baseball covered with the leather and cedar.)

- based on this box art, I should think America smells like body sweat and exploded rocket fuel. And Kramer’s fragrance, “the Ocean”.

“Super Soldier Scented Serum.”

Betty Page’s breasts?

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