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What’s under the Red Hood? Well, see for yourself

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2

While there’s already been plenty of discussion online about Starfire’s shrinking, and improbable, costume on Kenneth Rocafort’s cover for Red Hood and the Outlaws #2, a commenter on the Comic Book Resources message board noticed that the fan service doesn’t stop there.

Peel your eyes away from Starfire’s gravity-defying brassiere and allow them to travel up the image — click to enlarge — at, oh, a 70-degree angle. Keeping going. To your left, but leaning to the Red Hood’s right. Once you see it, you won’t be able to un-see it … there you go! In case you ever wondered why Jason Todd didn’t don those tiny green shorts again following his resurrection, there’s your answer.

“Clearly the explosion had an adverse effect on his anatomy,” wrote Free-Man, who made the initial catch. “Or just really tight leather pants. I dunno.” Replied thewhtGuardian: “Either way it explains his anger, I’d want to take a sword to somebody too if my junk was all contorted.”

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 is due in stores on Oct. 19. You’ll probably want to pre-order this issue, though, because as commenter Jake V noted, “DC knows what Jason fans really want.”



Finally DC is living up to its promise to attract female readers :)

Wonder how long until DC has him “fixed”?

I mean on the cover of course. ;)

BTW the thread about it is here:

Starfire’s belief about excessive clothing is actually an integral part of her characterization. She’d rather walk around naked. She’s just doing the people around her a courtesy by putting on the barest essentials. That’s simply unique to someone of her culture. Her brother also wore little clothing.
For Kory, it may have something to do with her absorbing UV light. She wants to be exposed as much as possible for her powers.

All I know is that when she was more covered up (pants and cleavage-covering top) she lost her appeal.

Simon DelMonte

July 12, 2011 at 11:36 am

Just when I was finally beginning to like the Red Hood – Winick’s greatest success to date – DC sends him to a writer I never cared for and the sort of artist that I cannot stand.

I can’t wait till they do a Jason Todd/Starfire flirtation beat. DC is banking off so much easy stuff it’s hilarious.

I said over at The Beat that I thought Starfire’s new outfit was a bit much, even for her.

But I’m not seeing this. I feel like I’m staring into one of those steroscopic pictures of the 90s. I just don’t see anything wrong. I see something that could be something, but it’s too far out of place.

Wesley: Sorry, all I see is junk. It’s right there. I can’t not look at it now. Right now I’m not very happy with Kevin Melrose for ruining my day. Today is now officially Red Hood Junk Day.

Be right back…….gonna go jab something sharp into both my eyes to forget what i just saw.

Why’d they have to ruin a perfectly good starfire with that???

Wow, it’s a schooner.

Ohh, okay. After my fifth attempt, I think I finally see it. I guess I’m just too (ahem) heterosexual to have seen it the first four times.

Huh. It kinda looks like a rocket. Didn’t expect that.

Well, that’s not /quite/ what us dude-admirers mean when we say we want more male fanservice, but hey . . .

Even more disturbing: The nickname “The Red Hood” comes from the fact that he’s not circumcised.

Well, I don’t see what the big deal is. Greek gods and goddesses were either entirely or mostly nude because the gods and goddesses were supposed to represent the ideal concept of human perfection and they therefore had to have ideal human bodies. Superheroes are our modern-day pantheon so let them hold the same place in our culture that the ancient dieties had in theirs. Let’s have them run into bloody, chaotic battle, axes and broadswords in hand, with their genitalia and mammaries bouncing as they go. Why not? Worst case scenario, it’ll be as funny as hell. Let Frank Miller write and draw that madness because you know he’d do it… I get the feeling that’s the superhero comic he’s always wished he could do.

You people are on crack – I don’t see a VPL at all – and trust me – I’m looking!

His bulge is to our right of the ‘rocket’ – that you all think is his manhood.

But if you ALL want to see ACTUAL male superhero bulges – I suggest books by Sadowski, Egeland (Aquaman!) and Velluto to name a few. ;)

*Now that could be an actual story CBR – artists who draw males with a groin – instead of looking like they have a ‘va jay jay’ – as Oprah would put it! haha….

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