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With this ring, I say thee ‘Yay!’

Michelle and Arune

Most people’s engagement pictures probably consist of a loving couple holding hands in the park or maybe sharing a kiss on a bridge. Kind of like this.

But for the guy who popped the question with the help of a comic created by artist Francis Manapul, you might expect something a little different, which is what Arune Singh, director of marketing communications for Marvel, delivered. The photographer for the couple in question, Kyo Morishima, has posted a few of Singh with his fiance, Michelle, as they skip the park and head to a comic shop; instead of a bridge, they gaze lovingly under a Superman emblem on the steps at Midtown Comics. The photographer also apparently caught the couple’s first argument (above) … advantage: Michelle.

Once again, best of luck to the happy couple.



Thats some good ol fashtion nerd love. Congrats to the couple.

Congratulations to you both. Fun photos, and what a beautiful comic he drew for them.

My wife allowed me to have table cards of different superheros at our wedding reception. Head table was Batman, her family was at the Nightcrawler table, etc….

After months of her meticulous planning of every detail, people most fondly remember and often comment on the fun table and placecards. Still mildly irks to this day that it is the one detail people remember most fondly. (The whole thing really was beautiful. She did a spectaular job)

talk about true comic love. the couple are lucky to love each so much they not only got the proposal in a comic book but seem to be having a lovers qurel in a comic shop. true comic love.

I’m usually more the Ambrose Bierce type, so I’m only gonna say this once… “Awww, that’s sweet.”

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