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Abrams to feature art of Star Wars comics in new book this October

Star Wars art by JH Williams III

LucasFilm and Abrams Books have teamed up for Star Wars Art: Comics, a collection of artwork from “the entire history of Star Wars comics publishing,” from the first Star Wars adaptations published in 1977 by Marvel to the present day.

According to the press release, the artwork has been “hand-selected and curated” by George Lucas and will feature interior pages and fully painted covers from artists such as Al Williamson, Howard Chaykin, Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Dorman, and many more. It will also feature newly commissioned art by 20 creators, including John Cassady, Sam Kieth, Mike Mignola, Paul Pope, Frank Quitely, Jim Steranko and, as seen above, J.H. Williams III.

“I wanted something that was a new character of my creation,” the artist wrote on his blog. “I had been told that George was a longtime comics fan. So I also wanted to go for this classic giant monster versus hero idea, like stuff you might see in old [Jack] Kirby comics, but here it needed to be a mechanical weapon that looked like a creature, giving a sense of story beyond fighting a giant monster. This gives more weight for the snippet of a bigger unseen plot idea. And the scene had to have a strong design sense to it, so it could have a signature look that could be identified with my sensibilities, but still felt like Star Wars when you look at it.”

This is the second book in Abrams’ Star Wars Art series; the first one, subtitled Visions, was released last year. Star Wars Art: Comics has an introduction by Virginia Mecklenburg, a foreword by Dennis O’Neil, and a preface by Douglas Wolk. It features a cover by Dave Dorman and is due in October.



Note: The Cover for Star Wars: Comics is by #1 Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman (as voted by the fans) and the Limited Edition version will include a signature page signed by Eisner / Inkpot Award-winning artist Dave Dorman.

I was already planning to get this, and now Williams is icing on the cake. Can’t wait!

I own a lot of Star Wars comic book original art pages (and some covers) from the Marvel series of the 1970s…I’m desperately trying to re-assemble the original art to Star Wars #7-10. If anyone owns any pages from these 4 issues, please email me at and I’ll pay well for them in either cash or trade.
I am ESPECIALLY looking for the original cover art to Star Wars #7 and #8 and would gladly pay a finder’s fee to anyone who’s info leads to my purchase of these 2 original art covers…!

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