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And then came Friday, with more DC New 52 artwork


If you’ve been following along all week, you know the drill — artwork from DC’s September relaunch pops up on Twitter, we post it here for you to peruse. Like the above Stormwatch piece by by Miguel Sepulveda and Allen Passalaqua, featuring a very angry moon, which was posted today by the indispensable David Macho.

Follow along on Twitter at #52splash, and I’ll add any additional artwork I see today after the jump. And if you’d like to see what’s come before, check out my posts from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.






these are pretty cool. but these are two of the new series that i don’t really care about too much, still looking forward to checking them out! :)

I might have to check out Deathstroke just for Bennett’s art.

The moon turning into a claw looks creepy.

Stormwatch looks like it could be promising, but why do all the good villains need to become anti-heroes or heroes and get their own books. I liked Deathstroke much better when he was just a manipulative bad guy who showed up to beat the crap outta the good guys.

Higgins has mentioned on many occasions that he’s not making Deathstroke an anti-hero. He’s still gonna be an assassin. Assassins kill who they’re paid to kill. He will be avoiding the heroes unless you want to see him actually kill heroes (e.g. Ryan Choi).

Thanks Robot 6 / CBR for publishing these pages… More things… let’s say mysteries… starting monday of next week! :)

I’m already sold on Stormwatch, but it’s cool seeing new peeks. The moon vs the earth, crazy!

That Deathstroke page….is it me, or does the guy behind him look like the Abomination from the Incredible Hulk comics?

Deathstroke!!! I recommend to everyone to at least pick up #1 He’s the only villain that could square up with Batman or Superman with prep and get away with it, even if he was defeated it would just be revealed later that it was all part of the plan! If you want a book where the main character challenges everything the human race was built upon through his legacy and who just so happens to be the best mercenary in the DCU then check it out. I guarantee you will be following the best character amongst your friends. Higgins stated that he will be approaching this character like TDK’s Joker.

^Nice try, Kyle Higgins!

Is anyone else as pleasantly surprised by these fantastic eddie barrows pages we’ve been seeing as i am? i didn’t quite enjoy what i saw in the bits of superman he did but these nightwing pages are hitting all the right notes with me. Am i the only one who feels this way?

You actually aren’t, Daniel, I’ve not considered myself a fan of Barrows’ art in the past but he’s really knocking it out of the park with what I’ve seen of Nightwing.

I don’t know if people have noticed but Bennett draws what looks to be marvel characters in Deathstroke #1.. Slade kills them all!

The guy behind Deathstroke looks like Skrull to me…

@CagedLeo730 Kyle Higgins has said that Slade is still very much a villain. Not an anti-hero.

I was thinking the very same thing Adam, I like the Nightwing page though!

Marino's Universe

August 27, 2011 at 12:52 pm

I am glad to see that they are finally putting an artist that can capture what Nightwing is really about. I am looking forward to this series since he is the one of the main characters that grow up as a side kick heroe and developed out of the shadow of Batman.

I knew the moon was evil

Stormwatch is a great example of how the 52 will help integrate s bigger DCU. I came in late to comics, and tried Wildstorm but just couldn’t figure out what or who everyone was. Now that there is a wide relaunch, I can get into them from the start…that is unless they don’t tell me who Midnighter and Apollo are and just assume I do, then I’ll give up.

Captain Librarian

August 29, 2011 at 8:14 am

“The moon turning into a claw looks creepy.”

Agreed, it’s subtly unnerving to me.

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