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Another day, another round of DC ‘New 52′ artwork

Resurrection Man

The #52splash hash tag on Twitter seems to have slowed down a bit, but David Macho came back once again today with another puzzle, revealing art from the upcoming Resurrection Man series (above).

I don’t have a lot after the jump right now, but I’ll add more as I see them today.

All-Star Western

Superboy by R.B. Silva

Is this Superboy?

Who is this kid?



I’m pretty sure that both of the images after the first Superboy are also from Superboy as well. Facial features are identical.

It says it’s Superboy on the image.

wow, never heard of the Superboy artist, but his stuff looks great. Kevin Maguire meets Clayton Henry.

He did the Nick Spencer-penned Jimmy Olson backup stories

Last one tomorrow, guys. Have something planned for next week already. :)

I wasn’t planning on picking up Superboy, but all the interior art that they shown looks great! Definitely gonna check it out.

Great art there.

Guys, I think “Who is this guy?” was a rhetorical question. “Who IS this guy?” not “Who is THIS guy?”

Davey Boy Smith

August 26, 2011 at 1:16 am

I love all the art here, and suddenly feel compelled to check out Resurrection Man and Superboy in addition to All-Star Western (which I had already placed on my to-buy list). Initially, I had accused the DC revamp of not featuring enough A-level talent. These twitter postings in the last week have proven me wrong.

I’m wondering if in All-Star Western we get to see the characters that appeared in Gates of Gotham (Or am I off by a century or two?)

Is it just me, or is that Crispus Allen in the Resurrection Man panel?

I never read the original Resurrection Man series, but the art looks great, I think it may suprise us. Really getting a cool Vertigo vibe form it.

The art from this relaunch in off the charts, but can they keep this kind of detail up for the year?

That last Superboy panel seems to hint he has the tactile telekinesis.

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