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Cameron Stewart recommits to Sin Titulo

Cameron Stewart has been on a roll as of late, becoming one of the key artists in Grant Morrison’s Batman stories as well as a go-to guy for licensed titles like IDW’s Suicide Girls and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed graphic novel. Between all that, however, Stewart has found some free time to recommit to his Eisner-winning webcomic Sin Titulo.

With one reviewer describing Sin Titulo as “out-Lynching David Lynch,” the enterprising series is a study in pacing and mood that is good in daily installments or saved up for marathon reading sessions every couple months (that’s me, at least). Stewart has already posted two new pages this week, with a plan to do three or four each week until the end of the series. Stewart has plans to release Sin Titulo as a print book in 2012, so even if you’re not the type to read comics online then you’ve got reasons to look out for Cameron Stewart.



This is indeed really good stuff. Stewart is one of the best storytellers out there, and I hope he finds financial success with Sin Titulo when it is collected. Hopefully, with DC hiring more writer/artists, he’ll get some mainstream work in that position as well.

Why the hell would Mr. Stewart want to waste time and ideas on corporate hack work when he is currently building a success of his very own right now?

Great news! Sin Titulo is fun!

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