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Cartoonists respond to London riots

The other day, Graeme McMillan asked why there are no news comics about the riots in the UK—he thinks that the immediacy of comics is exactly what is needed to fully convey a situation like this.

David Ziggy Greene’s comic What the F*** Just Happened? is a report from the scene, not a dispatch from the thick of the riots but a stroll through the aftermath. The comic includes a piercing insight into what the riots were all about, at least in one one shop in one neighborhood. On the other hand, Tom Humberstone accompanies his image of Londoners rebuilding with a blog post that argues that there are no simple answers to why the riots happened. Sally Jane Thompson also posts an illustration inspired by the riots, this one much more abstract in its concept than the other two.

Martin Rowson responds with an editorial cartoon.

(First two links via The Forbidden Planet blog.)



Sureply the papers had satire/political cartoons.

I had one planned for this week as well, but I didn’t have time to finish it. It’s one of things you have to talk about.

British cartoonist Edd Baldry, a.k.a. Hey Monkey Riot! did a comic that responds to the charge of the rioters being “mindless.” We reposted it up at the World War 3 Illustrated blog:

Thanks for the mention!
I think it was an unusual thing to report as the events happened so fast in spread out areas across London.
It became difficult to pick and find the best place to see what was happening.
But by the 3rd night I was warned to stay away as almost all journalists and photographers were being targeted with violence.

Thanks again.

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