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Check it out: Francesco Francavilla’s Flash Gordon covers

Last week Dynamite Entertainment announced that it had acquired the rights to produce new comics based on the legendary Flash Gordon series, and this week we’re beginning to see the first fruits of that … and what a juicy fruit it is.

Francesco Francavilla has had a long, rewarding relationship at Dynamite doing the Zorro series and various covers. These Al Williamson-inspired covers are something to behold, and Francavilla is doing it all while balancing interior work for both DC and Marvel.



Wow ! Really nice.

Al Williamson, Alex Raymond inspirations with a modern retro classics sensibility.

Very nice.

Not the biggest FG fan, but done right, I could buy this.

Another Dynamite triumph.

I really dig Frankavilla’s neopulp style. After seeing his work on ‘Tec and Black Panther, I’m a fan. Can’t wait to see what his Swamp Thing is like!

Delightful. Alex Raymonds by way of a 1980s Pacific cover.

STELLAR. If they had him on interiors I’d pick it up.

“Another Dynamite triumph.”

Like most Dynamite triumphs, it’s only a cover. That being said, I enjoy their Zorro, Lone Ranger, and Matt Wagner’s Green Hornet.

Damn… It’s been years since I bought a book just because I liked the cover, but…

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