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Comics A.M. | Flashpoint gets real? 31,000 flock to Otakon

from Flashpoint #4

Publishing | Popular comic-book guest star President Barack Obama will make a brief appearance in this week’s Flashpoint #4. DC Comics Executive Editor Eddie Berganza told USA Today that the inclusion of the actual President, rather than a fictional counterpart, signals that the danger is real — something that will get pushed as the publisher prepares for the September relaunch. [USA Today]

Publishing | Fantagraphics announced the lineup for the first volume of its EC archives series, which will collect Harvey Kurtzman’s war stories. [Fantagraphics blog]

Conventions | More than 31,000 anime and manga enthusiasts flocked to Baltimore over the weekend for Otakon, one of the biggest fan-oriented anime conventions. There were a few anime and manga licenses announced, but mainly it was a meet-and-greet for fans and publishers. [Anime News Network]

Creators | io9 chatted with Walt Simonson at the Comic-Con International about his legendary Thor run, from Frog Thor to designing Beta Ray Bill’s head: “Before I ever talked about Bill’s design, nobody ever said, ‘Bill’s a horse.’ Back in the day, nobody knew. I did this for two reasons. One, the monster quality –- in many cultures, skulls are an emblem of death. At the same time, Bill’s head is very roughly based on a horse’s skull. I was a geology student when I was younger, and I was familiar with skulls. Skulls have this quality of horror, but at the same time, horses are beautiful animals. The skull is the structure under the skin that gives the horse its look. In a way, the skull was representative of Bill’s true nature.” [io9]

Word War Hulk #1

Creators | Incredible Hulk writer Greg Pak reflects on his 10 favorite moments from his five-year run on the title. [MTV Geek]

Creators | The Apocalipstix writer Ray Fawkes discusses his latest Oni graphic novel One Soul. [The Star]

Creators | Creator Brian Ralph talks about the collected edition of Daybreak. [Giant Robot]

Creators | Chris Roberson talks about the upcoming Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover he’s writing for IDW: “When I was nine years old, there was nothing that commanded my attention more than Star Trek and the LSH, and the years since haven’t dampened my enthusiasm. This project is SO much in my wheelhouse that, when Chris Ryall first approached me about it a few months ago, I simply assumed that it was a prank that one of my friends was playing on me. It wasn’t until I was in a meeting with IDW CEO Ted Adams about another project, and asked him point blank, ‘This Star Trek/Legion thing is a prank, right?’ that I was finally convinced that it was really happening.” [ComicsAlliance]

Creators | Blankets creator Craig Thompson shares some youthful scribblings from a 70-foot-long scroll comic he did as a kid. [Doot Doot Garden Blog]



Simon DelMonte

August 2, 2011 at 7:39 am

Obama appearing in Flashpoint is DC admitting that divorcing themselves from the real world in the years since Luthor stopped being president hasn’t really worked. Having fictional presidents is not a bad idea, but only if you’re prepared to spend the time in defining them. DC gave us someone named President Horne, and never bothered to make him a character.

I would bet that in the DCNu, Luthor was never president anyway.

Did the person that did the art even look at President Obama? That looks like a generic African-American male. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was for the new Ultimate Spiderman. Really.

Obama / “generic African American male” president (seriously?) already appeared in Hal Jordan #2. Not a surprise that he’d appear in the main series as well.

What does “the danger is real” actually mean? That Professor Zoom is going to change history in OUR universe? Dumb.

Youd think theyd have someone else be PResident, like Maxwell Lord or just something crazy-Amanda Waller?
but I guess that would take some imagination

I have the same question as Paul…what in hell could “signals that the danger is real” possibly mean? That just sounds idiotic.

Simon, I don’t think Luthor “was president” even in the current continuity: since he’s been retconned from being Perry White’s age to being just a few years older than Clark, he wouldn’t have been old enough.

I think the “danger is real” comment was Berganza sloppy way of saying that Obama’s appearance means that what we’re seeing is actually the real DC Universe right now, as opposed to just an Elseworlds (which it certainly feels like). I don’t agree that it means anything of the sort, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s trying to convey.

Because they replaced the generic Hispanic president with a generic version of a real African-American? The more this thing goes on, the more half-assed it becomes.

Oh great, I’ve been living an alternate reality for all these years. I guess that makes sense, why the hell would they change the formula for Dr. Pepper? It was so great. Civil War #2 was just stupid to begin with. They never really did an actual story (stuff with a plot and decent characterization) out of that thing. It was beyond moronic and ruined the book. PRofessor Zoom was behind it. I guess I should of been reading more DC stuff.

I hope if the Flash reorders the Universe I can be younger again like Superman is going to be.:)

The best thing I can say about Pak is that I found his Hulk stuff interesting and sometimes captivating when I did get to read it. Look at World War Hulk, it actually had an ending.

31,000 attendees at Otakon? *whistling noise* That ought to be a nice number to show the people who say “manga is dead in America” . . .


August 3, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Obama appearing in Flashpoint is DC admitting that divorcing themselves from the real world in the years since Luthor stopped being president hasn’t really worked.

Obama’s already appeared as President in Action Comics recently.

My guess would be that after the successful Spider-Man, and everywhere else, comic appearances, DC has decided that people clearly want the real world President in the books – at least as long as that real world Pres is Obama!

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