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Comics A.M. | ‘Pop artist’ accused of stealing art; CBG goes digital

Chad Love Lieberman

Copyright | After running a feature about “New York Multimedia Pop Artist” Chad Love-Lieberman, nephew of Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the website Campus Socialite retracted its story upon finding out that Love-Lieberman “is a fraud, taking other people’s art from the web, touting it as his own, and worst of all – selling it for profit.”

Ursula Vernon, creator of the webcomic Digger, noted that one of the pieces in the article was actually hers. “Mad props to the staff at the Campus Socialite, who got back to me in under ten minutes and promised to pull everything and edit the article — they were just as outraged as you’d expect them to me. I’ve actually granted them permission to use the art with appropriate credit if it’ll help illustrate the issue (pun intended),” she posted on her LiveJournal. The domain for Love-Lieberman’s site,, isn’t working, but the site is still up. Artist Deirdre Reynolds has a list going on DeviantArt of all the pieces on art4love that artists have identified as their own. Gary Tyrell, meanwhile, has reached out to both Love-Lieberman and his uncle for comment. [Campus Socialite]

Digital | Comics Buyer’s Guide has gone digital; issues of the long-running industry publication are now available on iVerse’s Comics+ application. Johanna Draper Carlson notes that only two CBG-related publications are currently available — the July 2011 issue and 1000 Comic Books You Must Read by Tony Isabella. [press release, Comics Worth Reading]

Liberty Annual

Creators | Editor Bob Schreck discusses this year’s Liberty Annual, which benefits the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. [MTV Geek]

Publishing | Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson discusses Comic-Con International, digital comics and much more: “You know, there seems to be an ongoing tendency to render the entire digital conversation in black and white, as print versus digital, but I think most people are getting pretty used to having their entertainment in a variety of formats at this point. I know people who stream movies and TV online, but also buy DVDs and watch shows on their televisions. People listen to music on their iPods when they’re out and put on a CD or a vinyl record at home. Now books, magazines and comics come in different formats, and if you want those things in different formats, I don’t see how that’s anything other than great. You can’t lug all your books or comics around when you’re traveling or commuting, but you can do exactly that with an iPad.” [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Tucker Stone gives his first impressions of DC Comics’ “New 52,” based entirely on the promotional materials. [comiXology]

Manga | Jason Thompson takes a look at a classic manga that comes back into season every four years: Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President. [Anime News Network]

Review | Karen Green reflects on Kathryn and Stuart Immonen’s Moving Pictures, a book she would not have thought to read had she not been an Eisner Awards judge. [comiXology]

Conventions | Kevin Czap reports on last weekend’s Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con. [Comix Cube]



Haha, man that guy looks like a douche.

I’d rather see that blonde hottie standing next to him! :-O

But yeah, in this day and age, it cracks me up that these TOOLS think they can get away (for long) stealing other people’s work.

And his uncle is a bigger clown then he is!!!

I enjoyed the article by Tucker Stone. He and I are definitely of the same mindset on more than few titles. Though writers like Paul Cornell and Jeff Lemire have me buying titles I would not normally pick up.

Finally, while I don’t like being “the grammar police”, I do have one little nit to pick. It’s “pique my curiosity”, not “peak”.

He stole my girlfriends art.

I don’t know if I should be angry or proud.

Its not even one of her best pieces, but I guess the guy was trying to be somewhat discreet in his massive scamming.

What did they expect? His uncle killed the Jedi and turned the Republic into an Empire.

(Sorry, not trying to be political, but I can never resist an opportunity to pull out the old “Senator Joe Lieberman looks like Emperor Palpatine!!!!” card.)

Ahhhh psychopaths, where would civilization be without you?

He also had a sketch of Wonder Woman that was made for Wizard Magazine, some fan art of Supergirl, and one piece of Batman fan art titled “Fat Man.”

If DC Comics gets evidence of this, Chad is going to be on the wrong end of a copyright lawsuit.

I was hoping he would have stole some of my artwork. Dug through all those screengrabs, but no. Bummer.

The woman beside him in the photo is Paris Hilton, and while she has ‘been around’ almost everywhere, I can’t believe that she has bothered with a nobody like him.
Others claims there are ‘artifacts’ in the picture that indicates she has been added to the picture.
(Larger picture on the Campus Socialite page)

What a loser!

Also, someone should mention to his insurance company that he’s planning fraud.
(Insuring his balls, then getting himself so much publisity that artists will notice him and ending up in a situation where there’s a good chance that someone gives him a good, hard kick in the nuts… )

Sounds like this loser is MORE than qualified to take over Uncle’s senate seat!! Must run in that family.

Being a fraud is a trait of this vain of the Lieberman family.

What a miserable piece of $#!t… not unlike his smarmy uncle.

Oh, ho ho, but not just art! He also plagiarized a book.
Check it all here:

I’m a user on the website Deviant Art, and there’s an absolute uprising going on at the moment. This dumb shitte has taken the majority of his art from DA, and there’s a lot of angry artists out there that have be scammed and cheated. One user in particular, alexiuss, has had over fifteen works of her art stolen and sold for hundreds of dollars.
This is a suck fu€k we’re dealing with…

I can’t wait to see the outcome of this. This is probably the worst case of art theft I’ve come across so far.
hopefully this will get on some large news stations, spread the word and lets bust this sucker!

by the way the blonde next to him is paris hilton -_-

Notice the skin colour of the body compared to the skin colour of the face. Now note the blurriness around it. Zoom in, you see white pixels.

He photoshopped himself standing next to celebrities.

I wanted to let you know that the list of artists has grown so large that I had to remove it from my deviantart journal. I moved it to my personal blog. You can find the list here –

The count is up to 170 and growing constantly.

And he actually thought that he would get away with this? Deviantart users own copyright to their work once it’s uploaded (unless it has changed recently) I can’t imagine how many copyright notices are being filed against him right now.

From what I’ve read around the net on this guy DC & Marvel have been filled in about him stealing work from their artists as well as fan art of their characters & both companies are apparently pissed (rightfully so) with Marvel being owned by Disney I can see that being 1 costly lawsuit for this douche

You realize that The South Florida Chronicle is the source that broke this story? Check out their site for multiple articles about Chad Love-Liberman and everything hes done.

It is not an “accusation” any more. He has stolen pictures and thus revinue from literally hundreds of artists. My website link is a more detailed compilation from the pending class-action lawsuit.

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