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Comics creators whip up some recipe comix for Saveur

One step in New Yorker cartoonist Farley Katz's recipe for Summer Seafood Boil

Foodie magazine Saveur has a new feature on its website: Recipe Comix, real-life recipes by famous comics creators (apparently the folks at Saveur read a lot of webcomics). Check out a manly chili recipe by Ryan North (Dinosaur comics), an elegant presentation of Oyakodon from Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt (Tiny Kitten Teeth) and chocolate ice cream by Dorothy Gambrell (Cat and Girl), among others. Go, read, taste!



That was a good selection to highlight, I had a good laugh. Thank you.

Now, do excuse me, I’d better go take my crazy pills.

Somebody needs to turn them on to Sarah Becan’s “I Think You’re Sauceome.”

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