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Connections between Marvel’s Heroic Age and 2099?

I’m a year or so late to the game here, but a recent find while trolling through some issues of Spider-Man 2099 got me thinking; if the past that led up to the apocalyptic 2099 going on now? Let me explain.

In the early 90s, Marvel began a line of comics set over one hundred years in the future. In this future corporations had run amok, leading to a Blade Runner-esque future replete with hovercars and cybernetics galore. Although superheroes were prevalent in the 1990s of Marvel continuity, they were completely absent as the 2099 line began. Over time new iterations of Marvel icons began appearing, but what’ s important for this is that in the 2099 future they teased as to what happened in the late 20th/early 21st century to get to this point. In an issue of Doom 2099, they go into some detail describing a “Heroic Age” (their term) that existed around the turn of the century, that fell into disarray with a massive “civil war” between humans and mutants.

That mention,way back in the nineties of a “Heroic Age” came full circle last year with Marvel’s turn to their own “Heroic Age” post Siege, and as coincidental that might be it also gives me a bit of fanboy hope that something bigger might be coming along. Marvel has previously stated that the 2099 titles existed in a different universe — Earth-928 to be exact — but wouldn’t it be unique if some of the events in the 2099 came true in the regular Marvel Universe? We only have 88 years to wait.



I think you’re reaching, here, but…

I still appreciate the post. I still remember the 2099 comics very fondly; it was a very fun little experiment in universe-making and featured some stories that are still pretty darn good.

In fact, I have (some sort of slight variant, apparently, of) that image on my wall in poster form.

(Yeah I’m lame, I don’t care; being cool is so overrated anyway, right?)

You might be on to something here although I don’t think it will all fit perfectly. In one of the Avengers issues in Heroic Age (it might have been #3 or #4) there’s a timeline shown in one of the panels they teased as having ramifications/spoilers for Marvel’s plans for the next several years. I’m too lazy to look it up and the timeline is a bit vague/obscure but they may have thrown in some 2099 nods in there.

Avengers 5 has the Future and Present Starks looking over the timeline, it doesnt go as far as 2099 since theres an event, the Kang/Ultron War that makes the future vague.

It’s been a long time since I read any of the stuff, but the “Heroic Age” was diverted somewhere in the 2099 continuity (which is, presumably, why it’s not 616). I think it was the Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2099 crossover, but it may have been one of the crossover titles that ended the whole thing.

It’s a great idea, except for the mentality that most comics have, in which Status Quo is God. It’ll likely never happen.

They dropped some pre-2099 hints way back in the late 90s. The merger between Stark and Fujikawa happened after “Onslaught”–and Stark-Fujikawa was a well-known staple corporation in the 2099 books. Doom 2099 traveled to the modern day and triggered the events that created Alchemax.

Frankly, I wished they’d largely ignored the connections between 2099 and the modern day–cool as it seemed to me at the time, in retrospect, I wish they’d have let the future be its own thing. When Spider-Man 2099 started, there was a *brief* acknowledgement that there was a guy named “Spider-Man” 100 years prior, and they left it at that. As the series progressed, they kept dropping in more past elements until the Super Adaptoid and the Venom symbiote showed up. That ended up ruining it for me in those later issues.

it might be coincedience or a willing tip of the hat but nothing more.
2099 is a possible future of many .

Love the 2099 universe. The X-men 2099 cast were amazing! And its a shame Marvel doesn’t try and bring these characters back. Skullfire was such a complex character, not to mention Xi’an, La Lunatica, and Junkpile.

Connections are fun, i mean why not have Peter Parker rescue a baby that turns out to be Miguel O Hara’s grandmother or something?

The problem is the future is never what we expect it to be. For example….

Back in late ’84 or ’85 Barry Windsor-Smith did a Machine man limited series set in the year 2020. His main opponent was Arno Stark…the Iron Man who was running around in 2020, but as a mercenary

later in 1986 in Amazing Spider-man annual #20 the Iron Man of 2020 appears again…but the year is 2015 and Arno Stark is apparently in charge of stark enterprises, or at least it’s future counterpart….I geuss this issue explains how he fell on hard times’

Regardless 2015 is only 40 months away…and I sincerly doubt Arno is going to come walzing around the cornor, if for no other reason is that the disparity of what “his” 2015-2020 looks like compared to ours

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