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Darryl Cunningham investigates chiropractics

Daniel David Palmer discovers chiropractic therapy

Darryl Cunningham, creator of Psychiatric Tales, has a new medical comic up at his blog, this one taking on the pseudo-science of chiropractic therapy. He takes a pretty strong line in this, as in his other comics debunking the vaccination-autism connection and global-warming deniers. Cunningham’s style is a bit monotonous — six panels per page, most containing a text box with narration — so reading the comic is like watching a documentary. It doesn’t make for an action-packed experience, but it is a good way to bring the reader through a complicated topic like this, introducing information a little at a time. The comic will eventually be published in his book Science Tales, where, he promises, he will provide references and background material. In the meantime, it’s a great short course in the subject.


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Darryl’s display and ignorance and bias shines through loud and clear.

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