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DC relaunch parody video: ‘Aquaman is suddenly cool?’

In a month that’s seen an official commercial and assorted other trailers for DC Comics’ heavily promoted line-wide relaunch, this video from filmmaker Patrick Willems may be the best so far. Oh, who am I kidding? It is the best so far. DC even acknowledged the humorous short, tweeting, “Excitement for DC Comics The New 52? Fantastic. Sharing too much on a first date? Not so much.”



Can’t argue with the part about Grant on Action Comics that’s for sure.

Also, it’s not like they’re going to break into your house and take your back issues away or anything.

This video is perfect…. when you liost them all like that is shows that some pretty cool stuff is happening but if you get upset about them,you are just going to look and sound like a loser.

I’m so sick of the “They aren’t going to take your back issues away.” argument.

And remember kids, no matter what happens, comics will still cost at least $3 each.


This…was hilarious.

Hilarious video….. Excited about the relaunch… and Grant sucks

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