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DC reveals cover for Justice League #1 second printing

Justice League #1 second printing cover

As we learned hours before its official debut, Justice League #1 has sold out – at the distributor level, at least — leading DC Comics this afternoon to unveil a familiar image for the second printing. It’s the Jim Lee-drawn promotional image that leaked out in June (before Wonder Woman was put back in her traditional shorts), sparking widespread speculation about the identity of the team’s 15th member. The image has since appeared in the banner for DC’s official blog, and in marketing materials for the September relaunch.

It’s understandable that the publisher would want to repurpose the image; it’s Lee artwork ready and waiting to be placed in a digital file and sent to the printer. But shoe-horning the horizontal illustration into the vertical space leads Firestorm and Green Arrow to be obscured by the UPC symbol and DC logo, respectively, and poor Mera to have her head chopped in half. Granted, she’s endured harsher treatments over the years …



Green Arrow and Firestorm aren’t in the comic anyway so I don’t think it matters.

Wait, let me find my surprise face, lol… I didn’t wasn’t buying the first print, and for sure not buying a second print….

Then why waste time posting here?

Lol, Thejim got pwned. Go be a troll somewhere else, Thejim Troll.

Even more misleading than the first!

There is nothing misleading. You guy are just talking crap to be an smart-ass. This is the team, and the story is about how this team is coming together.

I feel really sorry for all of you that just like to be critics, and say bad things about someone work. Probably jealous.

I’ve always considered there to be a core team, but any hero that helps out is considered a temporary or honorary member. If a “non-member” joins them in a fight, what, are they gonna tell them to get lost because they haven’t been voted in? Plus, who says the characters in the background are on the team? This is not only issue one of the Justice League, but it’s also issue one of the new DC Universe. They have every right to share the cover.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the first issue. Sure, not a whole lot happened, but it gave room for characterization in order for us to get to know these new incarnations. After many of the recent books rushing or filling in to reach an ending, the quality of story and art here were more than welcome.
Regardless, to say something sucks with no reasoning makes said comment invalid. Proper grammer helps too… “I didn’t wasn’t buying” ?!? lol wow

Interesting start to the new League, but I feel this was a poor choice to introduce people back into DC comics. There is just not enough meat on these bones.

But maybe next week will be better.

@Robert: Of course as next week doesn’t have only ONE comic from the New DC

At first I was hating the reboot idea, but after reading it last night, I have to say my initial dread was relieved some. The new look isn’t too bad, Superman seems to have had the biggest makeover ,and the characters, so far, are still very similar. Maybe a little cockier, but I kinda like it. I have a better feeling now after reading the first part than I did before that this new start could actually be a good thing.
Hopefully the solo reboots next week are just as easy to accept…

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