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DC’s New 52 art explosion on Twitter

Batman by Greg Capullo

The artists behind this September’s “New 52″ have taken to Twitter, thanks once again to David Macho, revealing a whole lot of art from the new books that are due next month. There are a couple of hash tags to follow over on Twitter … #52splash will show you pages of new stuff from Greg Capullo (above), Scott McDaniel and many others. And as Kiel noted last week, #thenewvillains hash tag that kicked off last week slowed down after last week’s push, but a few new posts have popped up today.

And speaking of villains, I don’t think anyone has shared artwork yet for the villain of the new Justice League title — who it turns out is one of DC’s biggest and baddest, Darkseid.

Check out more artwork after the jump, and watch the hash tags for more!

(Note: I’ll update as I can with additional art).

Animal Man by Travel Foreman

Kid Flash by Andrew Dalhouse

Firestorm by Yildiray Cinar

I, Vampire by Andrea Sorrentino

????? by Rob Liefeld

(Updated per Sterling Gates’ comment below)

Swan by Rob Liefeld

Static by Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion

Birds of Prey by Jesus Saiz

Deathstroke by Joe Bennett, Art Thibert and Jason Wright

Nightwing by Eddy Barrows, JP Mayer and Rod Reis



Oh my god! Deathstroke decapitated J.Jonah Jameson!

(Who apparently had just shaved his mustache!)

. . . so it’s pretty much confirmed, then? Deathstroke will not be my cup of tea? Okay.

Batman and Static are looking rad, though.

Only book I’m really excited about is Nightwing. Hope it’s time for him to step outta Batman’s shadow once for all!!


Artwork looks great. Capullo is my favorite of the bunch.

…..oh, wait, nothing but silhouetted bats behind him. Hmmmmmmm….maaaybe not.(whompwhompwaaaaaah)

What they’ve shown of Capullo’s art so far is fantastic in B&W, I hope the coloring doesn’t lessen it.

What the fuck is going on in that Deathstroke panel?

Why the hell do they keep hiring Rob Liefeld??? His art hasn’t changed since the early 90s, and it sucked back then too.

And what’s up with Nightwing’s upper body being twice as long as his lowers?

I want to like the new direction (even if they are half assing a reboot) but honestly. Can we hire some actual TALENT?

Liefeld’s Condor cover is crotch-tastic.

Condor look constipated

The stories may or may not be good. But the art looks pretty cool so far.

So,,,Darkseid. Can the New Gods be far behind?

Thanks for the mention, guys! But this is not all. Tomorrow… a new puzzle! And one more per day until Friday! :)

I think Condor should see a specialist if he’s straining so much to take a crap that his nose bleeds…

It’s really redundant at this point but, Liefield? Really?

Its like rob liefeld never was never even taught the most basic of design concepts. Another cover with a character DIRECTLY IN THE FUCKING CENTRE OF THE DAMN COVER? Come on man, try just a little.

Capullo frames are really good!

Kevin Kuczynski

August 22, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Liefield is currently working on two books at the moment. One creator owned, and one work-for-hire. One with possibly the hottest writer in the industry (Robert Kirkman/The Infinite), and the other is the biggest news topic in comics (52 relaunch/Hawk and Dove)

Can you name anyone else drawing two books with as much attention?

Say what you want but he’s working his ass off, living the dream, and selling plenty of books. He’s been doing it for 20 years and I’m sure he has at least 20 more in him.

I wish there were more creators with his enthusiasm.

Yeah, but he sucks. Let me do a book, I don’t suck. He does, and he gets to do books. I don’t and I don’t get to do books. Do I need to suck to get to do a book?

All the new art has inspired me to beef up my own portfolio. I’ve given myself the challenge to produce 52 original cover illustrations over the next 52 weeks. Check my progress here: I’ve got a Wonder Woman and a Batman under my belt.

@Rodney: Someone needs to smack your stupid troll ass up.

There’s nothing wrong with that Nightwing art.

@DrunkJack: OMG you’re still an idiot

If you don’t like reboot then don’t comment on it you fucking moron


Nightwing is lacking a pelvis. Take a lifedrawing class some time.

I am psyched about the relaunch but I think it is lame that Red Robin gets cancelled and herded into Teen Titans but Static Shock gets his own book. Really.. Static Shock is hecka lame. I would rather read about black lightning (even black vulcan) over that cartoon network reject. And where is Shazaam (Capt Marvel), how does he not get a book?

Dear lord, what is Kid Flash doing in that picture??

Capullo’s stuff looks great, so does the Nightwing image.

@Benjamin: re: Kid Flash – exactly what i was wondering about.

on Liefield:

Liefield’s art was better during the Hawk and Dove mini-series. it had backgrounds and various facial expressions , better proportions, etc. it went downhill after that and never recovered.

i hope he’s only doing the first arc for the new series.


August 22, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Kid Flash pleasing himself…
With a cigarette.

btw Capullo – I hope he is going to stay on Batman for a long run.
I just can’t get enough of his take on my all-time favourite character.

Leandro M. Duarte

August 22, 2011 at 10:53 pm

That Animal Man page…wow…

Batman and I, Vampire are also looking pretty good.

“Kid Flash pleasing himself…
With a cigarette.”

I’m pretty sure that’s “supposed” to be a piece of chalk.

Besides Capullo who I’m already impressed by, most of these look pretty good, with I, Vampire being a nice surprise. It certainly looks like the art of the New 52 will be worth it.

Holy Shit. That Animal Man page is fantastic. I don’t know the character well, but I was already planning on giving that book a try based on the amazing covers I’ve seen. Wow. Just wow. And Condor is packin’. Nice. :)

That I, Vampire page by Andrea Sorrentino is stunning! Reminds me of Jae Lee (sp?).

The Animal man work is also great.

And that kid Flash page is just…. wrong.

I, Vampire & Animal man look insane in a good way and of course Nightwing & Batman! Can’t wait to check those when they come out.

Lots of great artwork. I hope Eddy Barrows can keep up the monthly schedule, or DC works in appropriate fill-ins between arcs so he can stay ahead and get a nice long run in. He has a tendancy to set the tone on the books I’ve read with his name attached and then vanish fairly quickly.

That is chalk.

When I see the “relaunch” Firestorm, I keep hearing the Power Rangers theme in my head, lol…

Ronnie Raymond is Firestorm Red
Jason Rusch is Firestorm Yellow
Who will be Firestorm Blue, lol?!?

Capullo was never on my radar until I saw his latest Batman stuff. I really like it alot.
As for Deathstroke, when I first saw that pic for some reason I thought of Jack Kirby not J. Jonah Jameson.
Either way I am not impressed.

Kevin Kuczynski

August 23, 2011 at 7:17 am


I’m sure anyone will let you draw any book you want…. when you’re able to come up with creations as popular as Cable or Deadpool. Maybe you don’t suck and maybe Liefield does. But Liefield is “hacking” it all the way to the bank as he continues to solidify his place in comic history.

Kid Flash seems to be jacking-off. LOL
Condor looks like he’s about to be violated, Liefeld screwed it up again.
Here’s a dumb question: is Condor & Swan supposed to be Hawk & Dove?
Or are they separate characters? I’m kinda confused right now.


Actually, Static (his original name before it became Static Shock) was a comic book character long before he was on the cartoon network. Jus’ thought you’d like to know.

It’s such a shame that Doom Patrol was cancelled, and didn’t make it into the New 52. I wish DC had lured Grant Morrison back to the title, pushing it into the Dark or Edge categories of the New 52 with a new and weird cast of strange characters. Or even Neil Gaiman would have been fantastic but alas Doom Patrol is no more.

Eddy Barrow has really, really stepped up his game. He hit that out of the park.

Why does every Liefeld drawing have to have something ridiculous in it? Condor might as well be screaming “look at my dick!”.

That Capullo page looks fantastic.

is that… a doobie… in Kid Flash’s hand? wow, they really went with the realistic teens on that one, huh? ha ha

seriously though, they all look great. the Animal Man one especially looks interesting. I’m really curious as to why he looks so emaciated.

Just wanted to chime in and say that the splash page from Hawk & Dove #2 is not of Condor.

It’s also not a cover.


That’s Birds of Prey by Jesus Saiz and Nei Ruffino. She did the coloring.

I, Vampire just looks like….WOW!

And Animal Man seems to be returning to its Vertigo days (Actually they both do) Fantastic!

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