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FanExpo Canada | A rundown of news from this weekend’s convention

Brian Wood returns to Marvel

FanExpo Canada wraps up today in Toronto, and both Marvel and DC were there this weekend announcing various projects:

  • DC Comics will relaunch the Justice Society by writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott. The new adventures of the JSA will be set not on the “New 52″ Earth, but on Earth-2, as they were before Crisis on Infinite Earths combined DC’s multiple Earths into one big sandbox back in the 1980s. “Everyone’s saying, ‘How can there be superheroes before the five years?’ We’re actually bringing back Earth-2,” Robinson said.
  • Marvel announced Brian Wood will write for the publisher once again, in a teaser that seems to point a finger at a Wolverine project.
  • Marvel’s Alpha Flight has been upgraded from a limited series to an ongoing.”We’ve got Taskmaster showing up, we’ve got Wolverine and other characters journeying north to find out what’s going on with Alpha Flight,” said co-writer Fred Van Lente. “We learn that Alpha flight’s actually a member of a super, super team called The Commonwealth of Heroes. I’m very excited about writing those characters — I love them a lot and it’s going to be a good time.” The Commonwealth of Heroes? I am intrigued. CBR has more details in an interview with Van Lente and Greg Pak, where they mention that Captain Britain and MI-13 will play a role in the Commonwealth Heroes.
  • In addition to Jill Thompson, other artists working on the upcoming Shade miniseries written by James Robinson include Gene Ha and Darwyn Cooke.
  • Marvel will publish a five-issue miniseries called Destroyers, by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kyle Hotz. The book will feature The Thing, the Beast, A-Bomb, She-Hulk, Karkas the Deviant and Devil Dinosaur. “A lot of this series is about how monsters feel about being monsters and how comfortable they are with it. Hank McCoy is probably the most comfortable in his furry blue skin. He’s got an analytical mind. In this story, a colleague from his past gets murdered. That sets him on a quest to solve a mystery and puts him on a collision course with the Destroyers,” Van Lente told CBR.
  • Marvel also announced the return of two more CrossGen properties — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in December by writer Peter Milligan and artist Roman Rosanas, and Route 666 in February by writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Peter Nguyen. Both are four-issue mini-series.



Christopher Walsh

August 28, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Happy Alpha Flight is sticking around and super happy to have the JSA AND Earth-2 back! Other than that, not a lot of exciting news. Just can’t revved up about more Wolverine news or more mini-series or one-shots.

Milligan on Marvel again is super exciting. Open your hearts and minds.

@Christopher Walsh
I have a feeling that this new “Earth-2″ is the one that was introduced in “52”. It’s based on the original Earth-Two, but there are a few differences (which you probably know unless you haven’t read the “Thy Kingdom Come” story arc from a few years back):
*The way it works is that it’s Earth-Two, but as if it survived COIE.
-Alan Scott is dead.
-Rick Tyler isn’t Hourman on this world, it’s his cousin Rebecca as Hourgirl.
-The JSA and Infinity Inc. merged to form Justice Society Infinity.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if they put out a special showing how the New Earth JSA and associated characters emigrate to this new Earth-2 before Flashpoint hits, sort of like how they put out “Last Days of the Justice Society Special” in 1986 to show the removal of the JSA from the DC Universe.

Saw this retweet from @brianwood tonight. They would be the perfect combo is BKV doesn’t scratch the itch.

@rjharman – “So @beckycloonan and @brianwood are doing work at @Marvel. Editors: put these wonderfully talented persons on Runaways”

God do I hate Earth 2. HATE! The utter destruction of my favorite comic universe continues.

Yay! More Crossgen! – So far their track record is only 1 for 3. That being Ruse. Route 666 was a favorite of mine back in the day (god! Didn’t think I’d ever use that saying! haha….) Fingers crossed that its good! And that Scion and Sojourn are still on the way! ;)

So only Marvel and DC were at the show?

Wouldn’t hurt once in a while to give a little love to Independent creators here.

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