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Fantagraphics reveals covers for upcoming Barks, Gottfredson collections

Fantagraphics has revealed the final cover to Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes, the first volume in their series of Carl Barks collections. In addition, you can get a good look at the cover and spine courtesy of a brochure they published to promote the book.

This volume will include:

• The title story, “Lost in the Andes.”
• Two stories co-starring Gladstone, including “Race to the South Seas.”
• Two Christmas stories, including “The Golden Christmas Tree.”
• Several Donald stories, including ones where he plays a TV quiz show contestant and ends up encased in a giant barrel of Jell-O, a truant officer who matches wits with his nephews, and a ranch hand who outwits cattle rustlers.

Lost in the Andes also features an introduction by noted Barks scholar Donald Ault, and detailed commentary/annotations for each story at the end of the book, written by the foremost Barks authorities in the world.

In addition, they’ve also revealed the cover to the second volume of their Floyd Gottfredson/Mickey Mouse collections:

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: Trapped on Treasure Island by Floyd Gottfredson

Both covers were designed by Jacob Covey.



Oog… those colors on the blad are horrid! Flexographic horrid. Gold Key bad.
With color separations readily available either from Gladstone or Egmont, why recolor them this badly?

Would someone care to compare those against the original Four Color issues and Gladstone’s recoloring?

I think I’ll purchase the Another Rainbow Carl Barks Library instead. And fill in the holes of my CBL in Color albums as well.

What’s wrong with flexography?! If done properly, the colors are just as rich, if not moreso, than off-set! Not to mention capabilities of the inline process!


is Fantagraphics going to continue publishing archival Disney collections while Marvel publishes the rest now that Boom! is done for good?

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