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First look at the cover of Justice League #3

Justice League #3

DC Comics has unveiled the cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams for Justice League #3, which puts Wonder Woman front and center as Lee and writer Geoff Johns “unleash the amazing Amazon […] who joins the battle against a bizarre threat! And the not-yet World’s Greatest Heroes need all the help they can get!”

The 40-page comic, which goes on sale Nov. 16, features variant covers by Greg Capullo and Lee.



Superman’s costume still bugs me. The collar just looks overdone. Barry’s torso looks very odd.

looks more like parademons to me.

Minister chester colston

August 15, 2011 at 7:30 am

man jim lee rocks great stuff always!

Wonder Woman’s expression = dull surprise.

I wonder how can hal jordan be a GL knowing his current status in the GLC

Is Batman ripping that guy’s head apart in the background? That seems harsh even for Batman. Also where is Cyborg?

She needs pants.

The Generic League of America!

This cover, like so many other covers in this day and age, tells us nothing about the insides of the comic.


I believe they’ve stated the first arc takes place in the past, at the creation of the justice league. So Hal’s membership won’t be in question unless thing haven’t changed in GL by the time JL gets to issue 7 or so.

I like the new designs on Superman and Wonder Woman. Something different, but not straying too far.

So these 90’s cyborg monsters are the villians in the first 3 issues? ….. oh, joy.

@ Faust

Right on the head man. For a second I thought I was looking at a cover of WildC.A.T.S. or X-Force. I’m intrigued nonetheless.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

August 15, 2011 at 10:07 am

Not a bad cover, if a little busy.

I’m loving Diana’s new costume. Yeah, it’s not THAT different from her previous one, but silver just looks so much better on her than gold. Though I do hope they keep their word of switching the pants in for the granny panties occasionally.

Also, is it just me, or does this depiction of Diana look younger than Lee’s other depictions of post-Flashpoint Diana?

Very white….

Wonder Woman is wearing a swimming suit.

Much like all of Lee’s work that I’ve seen i the past,
overly busy (and the color doesn’t help much),
no animation/life in any of the characters expressions
Wonder Woman doesn’t show any indication that she’s lifting anything,
overall, pretty bland piece (ESPECIALLY for a cover)

Much like all of Lee’s work that I’ve seen in the past,
overly busy (and the color doesn’t help much. very muddy),
no animation/life in any of the characters expressions
Wonder Woman doesn’t show any indication that she’s lifting anything,
overall, a pretty bland piece (ESPECIALLY for a cover)

In the end, here’s the deal. If Wildstorm and its titles were so great, i.e. ‘modern’ and ‘relevant’, then they would have stood the test of time. Oh wait, they’re gone? Really? Jim Lee is not a publisher, fine. DC was a publisher, and they are still gone? Wow, maybe they were characters and ideas that only had one or two good storylines and then just became drivel, just like this “new and bold” direction for DCstorm.

that collar looks as good the old underwear.

McCracken, are you familiar with “damning with faint praise”?

No. But I use a “K”.

Jesus, but Jim Lee’s scratchy little lines bug the heck out of me. Mostly because they are ugly and overdone.

But also, and more particularly, they are no longer necessary in the modern printing age. Colourists are no longer some guy carelessly slapping some Red Blue And Yellow down. they now, if they are good, can provide depth and shading BETTER than any inker can. The best of the new artists understand this and know they are part of a team – fewer lines give the colourist room to work.

Lee wants to be a one man show, and frankly, he’s blowing it.

See, now /this/ is how you make Wonder Woman the central figure of a cover. Not some awkward swimsuit model pose – /hoisting a giant bug-armor-skeleton-thing into the air/. Her face could be a little more expressive, but hey, at least it’s not generic pouty-lips.

The background action looks cool, too, even if it is a little hectic. Although . . . where did Cyborg go? :[

where did Cyborg go?

He got a call from his agent: someone wants to do “Black Robocop”


Very Heterosexual too…

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