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Greg Pak and Mike McKone team up for Astonishing X-Men

Astonishing X-Men #44

Fresh off his run on The Incredible Hulk, writer Greg Pak will team with artist Mike McKone on Astonishing X-Men, Marvel announced today.

Their run begins in November’s Issue 44 as Storm seeks out Cyclops in a story that Marvel promises will feature “not just all-out action, but possibly a surprising romance.” But wait, isn’t Ororo, queen of Wakanda, married to T’Challa?

“After Xavier, the X-Men’s two greatest leaders are Scott and Ororo,” Pak says in an interview at “They’ve borne responsibilities few others can conceive. And just those experiences alone should provide them [with] reasons to bond. But maybe they’ve just never had a moment to consider it; each has always seemed to be wrapped up in a wild romance with someone else. The current Scott/Emma and Storm/T’Challa relationships are amongst the most passionate in the Marvel Universe. So yes, what the heck is going on? I’ll just say that everything that’s happening is utterly inconceivable, but completely real, completely in character, and completely in continuity.”

Astonishing X-Men marks a return to Marvel’s mutant franchise for both Pak and McKone. Pak wrote two X-Men: Phoenix miniseries as well as Magneto: Testament, while McKone co-created Exiles and drew issues of X-Men: Prime and X-Men: Unlimited.

“I am so ridiculously happy to be working with Mike on this book,” Pak says. “He’s tearing it up with his trademark clean lines, dynamic action, and phenomenal character work. And he’s cranking up the sexy like nobody’s business. Just look at that cover.



Finally!! It took long enough.

Hm, just feels wrong somehow.

Like seeing two siblings go at it. Or even Superman/Wonder Woman.

But wait, wouldn’t this take place after schism? SPOILERS!!!

Yeah, baby, yeah!

About time!


Okay, so now after Schism Astonishing X-Men will be IN-Continuity? I thought that the WHOLE PURPOSE of Astonishing was to be a continuity light story so that people could read and X-book without having to worry about being bogged down with continuity and references to what’s going on in the wider Marvel universe. Did I just imagine that whole thing.

Also, if this book comes out in November then Marvel just botched another attempt at creating drama…. there were rumors put out by the writers of Schism and such that Cyclops might NOT make it through Schism… unless by seeing Storm’s mohawk this is a flashback or time slip or time travel thing… in which case you’re referring to older X-Men comics which once again breaks down the whole light continuity marketing campaign. Ugh… seriously… do we need astonishing?

Isn’t that Storm’s new costume from Xenogenesis? I didn’t know they were still keeping those.
Well, I’ll see the reviews and how things pan out, but I don’t know about this. Scott and Emma need to go now, but Storm and T’Challa has such a flavor to it. If it’s only temporary, I won’t mind.

So they’re saying that it’s completely IN character for Scott to cheat on his girl and Storm to cheat on her husband? This is just silly. Astonishing should’ve ended when Joss Whedon left.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

August 10, 2011 at 1:58 pm

This series is kinda unnecessary, just like Girschler’s X-Men. It should have been canned after Ellis’s bio-sentinel arc.

It’s just been plodding along every since with Gage and Way and just doesn’t have a heck of a lotta purpose. Again, like Girschler’s X-Men.

And yeah, Storm kissing Cyclops does seem a little like a brother and sister making out. Kinda weird, honestly.

What flavor is there to Storm and T’Challa? You barely even see them together anymore. And the whole Storm and T’Challa thing was ridiculous to begin with. They were never much more than acquaintances until Marvel decided they should be married, then they retconned both their histories to establish some sort of connection so it would all make sense. It was essentially a case of “Hey, they’re both from Africa! Let’s make them be married!” Sheesh. I don’t care one way or another for the Cyclops/Storm relationship, but if it breaks up Storm and T’Challa, I’m all for it.

YUCCH! i’ll buy this book so I can burn it. I won’t actually burn it, but I won’t share it with any of my friends. This storyline turns me off! I hope it’s a secret past story or something, I could see Storm hooking up with Cyclops at one time, but she’s a married woman now! That’s just wrong. I guess Marvel doesn’t want black people buying their comics, because this is a real diss. Show black people some respect! That’s as bad as Michelle O’Bama kissing Bill Clinton. Where’s the Black Panthers when we need them? And the Ultimate Spider-Man Black/Hispanic thing, written by a white man? Luke Cage marrying Jessica Jones and they have a kid? C’mon, Marvel, too much controversy of this type could cost you readers. I’m on the fence right now, I do not like this!

I believe that ever since Ellis got on the book, we’ve been seeing the X-Men in Ghost Box worlds. Because that whole ‘light continuity’ thing doesn’t work for me. If I see Storm with a mohawk then it’s not the same woman in the other X-titles.

And for the record, I DO believe Scott would cheat on Emma. Why wouldn’t he? He cheated on Jean WITH Emma. But it’s Ghost Box Scott.

@Rick: not sure if serious… -_-;

Anyway, I’m calling psychic manipulation. Maybe Empath is out of jail and somebody remember what his powers actually are.
Or maybe Pak just miss Claremont’s X-Men, who were very open minded.

Also, where are the big names writers who were suposed to work on Astonishing. I’m not talking about quality (I lobe Gage, although I’m not a fan of Way and Pak), but, popularity. Gage, Pak or Way are not big superstars like Whedon or Ellis.

In continuity is not the same as referring to continuity.

A story that’s in continuity is one that will be and can be referenced by others in the 616 but it is continuity light in that it won’t rely heavily on whatever events are happening in other books at the time.

To me storm’s mohawk suggests this story will be set in the past. Whatever the story though an X-book by Pak and Mckone is one I’m looking forward to!

@Rick: if you buy the book, you’re suporting it. If you don’t like, don’t contribute to the sales.

This image was meant to shock with something never done before and pull people into this failing book. There’s probably an explanation for this that won’t shatter their current relationships.

The bigger issue is how does Storm have a mohawk in only this book? Then again, Psylocke has different powers in UXM and UXF, so it’s whatever these days.

BTW, Scott cheated on Madelyne Pryor for Jean. He cheated on Jean for Emma. He will cheat on Emma for ______?

The ever rotating cast of women for cyclops

Can’t say I’ve ever read a Pak book–but McKone’s a talented artist.

Just what we needed, still another Scott centered story.

I think Cyke and Storm make PERFECT sense! I mean, I wouldn’t touch Scott w/ a ten foot pole after the way he’s been written in recent years, however he and Storm always had such a great relationship in the past. I think she and Scott make WAY more sense than Storm and Black Panther. That said, I know they’re just teasing us w/ an image like that. It bums me out, but I’ll absolutely be picking this up even if romance isn’t in the cards.

Just don’t see sparkage between Cyclops and Storm. I think she might respect his tactical abilities but I don’t see her finding him all that compelling as a romantic interest: too stoic and repressed. Bad girls like Emma might enjoy loosening up Boy Scouts like him. Jean might find his obsessive determination forcefully appealing but my idea of Storm would find him boring. And not sure if Cyclops is easy going enough to ever forget that she kicked his @$$, without her powers, when vying for leadership of the X-Men. He might like Emma’s playful pushing of his boundaries but my idea of Cyclops is too competitive for being considered the one, true mutant leader that when Storm disagrees with him, he’d only read it as insubordination.

I was, however, an advocate for her hooking up with his son, Cable, back in the day.

The moment Marvel decided to write the stories and define their characters as a whole they lost me as a buyer. Nothing seems even remotely interesting to me any more, ’cause most of the characters seem “controlled”, “puppeteer-ed”, and totally out of synch with their older selves.

True, Scott has a history of cheating, so Marvel would eventually try that way, but now? seriously? and with Storm???

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Marvel characters used to be written as real people, with actual feelings and with real relationships. Alas, those were stories of the past.

Cyclops and Storm from one of the worlds revealed during the Ghost Boxes story?


Oooh, now THAT is an interesting twist. I mean it goes along with the “continuity light” peice (love that phrase by the way – I think it really encompasses what the “Astonishing X-Men” book of the X-Books has become – encompasses ~ lol). On the one hand I agree with some of the other sentiments about how Astonishing X-Men should have ended when Joss Whedon left. He really did something unique with the brand. On the other, I like how Astonishing X-Men was a “stand-alone” story book that you could enjoy without having to pick up every other X-Book to “get” the continuity. Plus, the X-Books are pretty moody; its alllllll about this sense of urgency and social upheavel. Everything is all about the end of the world to the point where you’re like “For crying out loud, lighten up!” Go eat some ice cream or..something!

It could be Emma in Storm’s body. That has been done before.

Okay, BLECH. Not in a rascist manner, but in a manner of WHY ARE THEY BEING OUT-OF-CHARACTER???? THIS is why I prefer the animated universes.

Pak had me when he said “After Xavier, the X-Men’s two greatest leaders are Scott and Ororo”. Yes!!! that’s what I’ve been saying, but all of the recent writers have been having such a love affair with Scott that they haven’t even thrown Storm a bone!

I grew up reading the Claremont’s X-Men in the 80s and Storm was the shit back then, so she’s my X-Leader all the way. Scott was such a minor X-character back then, I can’t wait until he get relegated to background again!

Nice abs.

It all depends if this is set in the past or present. Hopefully Storm says sorry your not my type.

I’ve always found both Storm and Cyclops to be pretty boring characters. This seems like yet another desperate attempt to spice them up. (Seriously, the mohawk? Please.)

I don’t like the idea of either Ororo or Scott cheating on their spouse/partner like that at all — but I’m far more baffled, and frankly disturbed, by the suggestion that there’s something intrinsically wrong with “the Ultimate Spider-Man Black/Hispanic thing, written by a white man” or “Luke Cage marrying Jessica Jones and they have a kid.”

As a total side note, by the way, we’ve seen Emma do the “simulate being other people while lovemaking” thing before, including psychically “dressing up” herself as Jean and Scott as Wolverine (though not at the same time). So who knows how that might play into this?

I’m glad I have all the X-Men books from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and some of the 90’s to enjoy. I have really lost interest in the multitude of in bred X-Men titles and spin offs that are so lost in their own convolutions, it’s hard enough to afford let alone follow what’s going on.

I couldn’t care less for much of the X-Men these days. They have changed so much from the characters I used to know.

no thanks. Though I am sure that all the africaphobes who hate the Ororo/T’Challa relationship on principle are pleased as punch at this development.

Even though they arn’t related, it still feels alittle like incest! haha…

Is Scott just doing the rounds now? That will be the 3 main X women he’s been with (plus Psylocke…any others?). Rogue must really be feeling left out … although, that power of hers is probably a deal breaker! ;)

I was under the impression that Astonishing X Men wasn’t in continuity. Is that not the case anymore? Or is this story going to be a flashback, which would make sense looking at Storm’s hair.

The only thing I can say right now is this….

Cyclops is “THE MAN”!!!

Could they be posed in a more awkward looking position?

Cyclops would never go for Storm. He clearly has a psychic fetish. He would cheat, though. That’s been well established. Cheating on a psychic… not the smartest of X-Men.

Ugh! This is like Zack and Lisa getting together!
Somewhere Forge/Screech has a broken heart…

Ororo should have married Forge, now that stupid characterless Black Panther.

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