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Hey, how about some more DC Comics ‘New 52′ art?

Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar

And again, the #52splash hash tag on Twitter remains active, as more artists post more art from DC’s relaunched September titles (and beyond, in some cases). I’ll start with some that came in last night, and add more throughout the day when I get a chance.


Legion of Super-Heroes


Red Hood and the Outlaws

from Teen Titans #2

Batman's Gotham City

Legion Lost by Pete Woods

New Guardians by Tyler Kirkham

from Nightwing #2 by Eddy Barrows and Paulo Siqueira

Swamp Thing



Is all this heavy twittering the cause of the DC earthquake?

moose n squirrel

August 24, 2011 at 6:44 am

Why does Supergirl not have kneepads on that thing? One slip in that ice and you’re gonna get some scrapes. Also, ma’am, that looks cold.

Well, it looks like Arcane is back again.

Is that Starfire in that Red Hood & The Outlaws image? So much for DC’s pants policy that everyone was worried about, apparetly it’s a NO Shirts policy too, which is fine with me.

The ‘pants policy’ was debunked a while ago. Was a wild internet rumor, no one at DC ever said there was such a thing.

Ken Rocafort’s art is killer in black/white for Red Hood & the Outlaws and I actually dig the new design for Supergirl…makes her look like a cross between sweet/innocent and dangerous. I hope it translates in the book.

I thought that the teens in DC U were not going to be sexualized any more!?! Wasn’t that why they gave Supergirl bike shorts under her skirt? This one-peice looks very high cut in the front . . .

Starfire’s outfit is a bit…weird to me, but it won’t stop me from enjoying or reading the book.

And that Supergirl outfit? I like :D

That Swamp Thing page reminds me of some of the great artwork Steve Pugh did on Animal Man. Enough to make me try it.


Supergirl does not have knee pads, exactly the opposite, the boot goes back around the knee-pit and then wraps up around the front. Her knees are uncovered, but the thigh just above them is partially covered by the top of the boot.

What happens to the “girls wear pants” mandate?

can’t wait to see some cosplayers doing this new supergirl outfit

Ah Kryptonians the whitest of all aliens.
Who other then caucasians and Kal-El’s crew would wear long sleeves and short pants (or no pants) in the freezing cold?

the arts looking great !, but the women’s costumes are looking ridiculous. Let’s just have Starfire go without a costume. No wonder there are so few women working at DC. Can hardly wait for Aquaman!


I could, but I prefer short sleeves and pants (and, admittedly have more insulation than Nu-Kara).

@gstair I prefer more ‘realistic’ costumes on a lot of heroes, but with Kory (pre-Nu) being a solar powered being, as well as a character from a culture built around the ‘no clothing’ concept for men and women, I don’t have an issue with her. Now someone like Barbara/Cassie/Stephanie being scantly clad while their male versions go around in full body armor? There would be an issue there.

I’ve never seen complaints about J’onn wearing less than M’gann for example.

I love sexy women as much as the next guy, but c’mon, how does Starfire’s top even stay on? Might as well just let them swing free if you’re gonna not even try to keep them in place…

Lol at Supergirl. Nice crotch shot.

We’re all for hot chicks, but since these are pasty white dudes drawing them, can we do something to make their stripper fantasies a little less prominent? It’s like every super heroine is a ‘slutty’ halloween character.

Love Kenneth Rocafort’s art just hope the colorist don’t eff it up in the Red Hood and the Outlaws.

I feel like I should be on some kind of register just for looking at that Supergirl art. Weren’t Wonder Woman’s old pants available?

Killer Rocafort and Kirkham pencils there. Top Cow alums both.

I’m not one to get easily offended or complain about comic book tropes, but why on earth is Supergirl wearing a glorified one-piece bikini with kickboxing-esque boots? What about the whole idea of practical costume design that didn’t cater to objectification and fanboy perversion? How is that costume in ANY way functional? Hell, she’s in a blizzard of some sort. Her thighs must be freezing. Absolutely idiotic costume design.

Who drew the Batman Gotham shot? That looks great!

Starfires ‘costume’ is a complete joke. and I’m guessing is there to appeal to all the desperate straight males. Yet Johns and company felt the need to put Martian Manhunter in pants and every other male in full body suits. Its pathetic. If it wasn’t for Jason Todd – I wouldn’t touch the title with a 10 foot pole.

Suergirl’s costume on the other hand is growing on me. It looks a bit futuristic. What with the kneeless boots, different ‘S’ and the added detailing through the blue material – and the weirdest part – I am started to not completely hate the nappy look shes got going on.

The Supergirl costume is hilariously bad. Talk about arrested development. (On the part of the artist, that is.)

It basically looks like DC “Wildstormed” their universe. One of the most unappealing aspects of Wildstorm (and Top Cow for that matter) for me was their art and how every artist tried to be like Jim Lee. There are very few good things about these pages that I see. Was that Robin (or Red Robin) in the background of Teen Titans #2? That costume looks terrible, along with Starfire’s AND Supergirl’s costumes. This all hearkens back to Heroes Reborn for me… I didn’t touch it then and I won’t touch it now.

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If someone hasn’t pointed this out already, let me:

Is Supergirl wearing a Kryptonian chastity belt? Because it doesn’t look like fabric at all. It looks super uncomfortable, and its a good thing her cape is covering her backside. Did she forget her pants, or does the chastity belt have a thong back? Oh please God, no. The tunic is way, way too short.

By the way, I hope the key for her chastity belt is made out of white dwarf star material or something. Except that would mean perhaps only Superman, besides Kara, could still lift it…and that’s a little psychologically troubling.

And why the reverse non-knee pads? (Insert offensive thought here, something about yellow sun.) Those thigh wraps are just…stupid. I can’t wait until she has her Vera Zvonareva moment and rips them off.

My solution would be to color in the fleshy legs and hips with the blue and re-cut the “chastity shorts”–she doesn’t need to look like she is going to a pillow fight. Because that isn’t snow, those are white downy feathers, right?

Natasha Romanova has worn a black body suit for years and no one denies her her “sexy”.

The Supergilrl costume is pretty awful… The boots/thigh wraps are just stupid looking and, I would think, really uncomfortable if they were for real. Who would wear that?

Then the weird crotch plate, or whatever that is… Is her ass even covered at all? The new “S” logo is bad… Just a lousy design.

The Gotham City design is pretty good though… I had to chuckle at the middle drawing. Is Wayne Tower (or whatever that building is) intentionally drawn to look like Batman in the shadows? I like it, even though I’d hope Bruce wasn’t leaving obvious clues about his nighttime activities.

But then… The New 52 isn’t really for me, so whatever. I’m out. Those of you still reading DC, enjoy.

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