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I’m ready for more of Tony Moore’s Joker

A weekend blogpost by artist Tony Moore got my eyes reeling and my mind day-dreaming.. day-dreaming of Moore doing a Joker series. Check out what Moore posted Sunday:

Moore drew the image several years ago, but only recently dusted it off and colored it before unveiling it for the first time.

Moore’s currently hard at work on Marvel’s Venom series with Rick Remender, but just imagine for a second if DC gave Tony the reigns of Gotham’s big bad? Or even that great Lobo series he and Remender pitched years back.



Man that’s a scary face Joker.Not as scary as Jock’s Joker but its up there.

That’s pretty damn good.

Nitzan Rotschild

August 8, 2011 at 11:41 am

Remender and Moore would kill on a Batman title.

That’s scary as hell.

had to add this – tony did a joker for me 10 years ago in return for some computer work i did for him –

argh. didn’t work. ok, i’ll try this again. if it doesn’t post, suffice it to say it’s a magnificent piece of art. ;)

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