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Ivan Reis draws the Justice League for New York Comic Con poster

Jim Lee’s Justice League proved very popular at the San Diego Comic-Con; they appeared on the show’s official shirt, and many people lined up for a good hour to get one. Now DC’s premier team makes an appearance on the official poster for this October’s New York Comic Con — this time drawn by Ivan Reis. The show takes place Oct. 13-16.

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Ivan Reis draws a great Batman!

Wow, superheroes that look like they’re having fun! (well, except for Batman of course) I like this novel concept by Ivan Reis.

From that angle, you can’t even tell that Superman and Flash’s costumes suck!

Please, FOR THE LOVE, have him take over Justice League once we catch up with Jim Lee’s two year buffer (issue 7 maybe)!

I_Captain Blanco

August 2, 2011 at 7:28 am

nuCyborg still looks ridiculous, but everybody else looks good. I think Ivan Reis is the best artist DC has right now.

What’s wrong with the costumes for Superman and Flash? And why does “nuCyborg” look ridiculous? Doesn’t he always look like that, more or less?

Looks good. And yeah you can’t tell its the new costume for Superman. We can see that WW is once again pantless in this image. I’m guessing that the final decision has been made to go without pants then. There has been a bunch of images showing both.

Leave it to Reis to make all the new costumes look great. I love that he’s on Aquaman but I would love it even more if he went to Justice League and stayed there for a long time.

Looks good, but doesn’t look like Reis’ usual style.

Yay! For all you hypocrites who scoff at Witchblade for being nothing but T and A, but DEMAND that Wonder Woman run around in her underwear…DC has heard you loud and clear!

As much as I’m looking forward to Reis on Aquaman – I sorta… kinda wish he was drawing this JLA! He really bring them to life – Lee’s first pic looked a little static.

And at least we know Reis will be on time!!! He proved that with the extra sized issues of BN that were all on time! Lee on the other hand, while I’m hoping won’t let his fans down, I really have no faith in him whatsoever.

“Hi I’m Cyborg! This was the only space left to fit me in as usual!”

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