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Jim Lee unveils double-page spread from Justice League #2

DC Comics executives have lined up this week at the company’s blog to commemorate the midnight debut of Justice League #1 and, thus, the official kickoff of the much-discussed line-wide relaunch, writing about all the work that’s gone into the initiative, their hopes for the titles, and so on. But when it came Jim Lee’s turn this afternoon, the DC Comics co-publisher and Justice League penciler let his artwork do the talking as he debuted a double-page spread from the second issue.

“Sometimes a picture says a thousand words,” he wrote. “What will YOU say about DC Comics-The New 52 come tomorrow?”



So everyone wears shiny armor now?

This is going to be pretty hard for kids to draw.

I don’t read really any DC stuff at this point and I honestly have never liked Superman, but can someone explain why he’s in costume in this book and the Perez book, but he’s in jeans in Morrison’s Action? Is Grant doing Superman as a slacker?

So is Batman going to have to fight every member of the Justice League?

WOW !!
This is gona be awesome!

I like the black and white, because I imagine Supes still has the red briefs and the belt is yellow.

Mike–Morrison’s first six issues take place in an earlier time period than Perez’s book and presumably JL. I *think* Morrison’s stated something to the effect that the first story will show the development of the “present day” costume, but don’t quote me on that.

This is awesome….. but WHY does Batman have the Hellraiser puzzle box hanging off of his belt? I like the new suits, by the way. Superman looks more super, and less like he’s going to a pajama party, and I really like Batman’s new, almost movie-inspired look. Its way more believable than him just wearing grey spandex to run around and be shot at in…..

I like Superman’s new suit but why not just a one piece suit Superman doesn’t need armor, he’s Superman.
The armored look goes great on Batman. Superman’s suit would look better without the armor sections. I dunno Superman should be simple and regal.

Does Tony Stark have an armour outlet in the DCnU, lol?!?

As good as it looks, I still say Jim Lee does the first arc and we never see him again on this comic.

So, is this the panel where Superman and Batman meet for the first time again?

Again again again again again and again?

Is Batman blowing a whistle?

Armour? All I see is wedgie.

hopefully the story is as good as the artwork

Superman still wears underwear on the outside. They’re just blue.

Wow. That looks really … over-rendered.

This looks incredible. Hater’s gon’ hate.

Looks great, I hope the colors match the amazing line art.


I think Superman’s suit isn’t armor. It’s segmented.

Beyond great to me.

“This looks incredible. Hater’s gon’ hate.” Gosh I’m tired of that idiotic nonsense. Criticism is only seen as “hate” by little children. Get a new phrase; you’re tiresome.

Having said that…these “new” costumes look dated. Very dated. Which is ironic, because the costume adaptations that Lee did for the DC online game were great.

He needs to learn the virtue of restraint in art. This is just a mess.

James, thats for you: Haters gonna hate!

I think this looks fantastic. Also, I’m pretty sure Batman is trying to taser Superman.

I want to be excited for the DCnU, but I just can’t be. It just seems so…thrown together. Ever since they announced it, it seems that they’ve done damage control when they realized this wasn’t nearly as thought out as it should be.

And if you’re going to reboot, or whatever they’re calling it, go all in. None of this “some things counted, some didn’t, everything has been restarted except Batman and Green Lantern”. So for anyone new to the game, they’ll STILL have to read most of those back issues.

I mean, this whole deal is supposed to be to reel in new readers, right? Then why is Superman in three different comics, all occurring in different time periods? DiDio has stated that “\Action is “Year Zero”, JL is “Year One”, and Superman is “Year Five”. REALLY?! That’s more accessible?

And yeah, these upcoming #1’s may be amazing, but I have zero faith that DC can maintain the quality. Like another poster said, I see Jim Lee doing the first arc of JL and then he’ll be gone like always.

I WANT this to work. I really do. I hope we don’t get a Superboy punch in a year and it’s all reset. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

@ Skullcapcomix, it does look like the hellraiser puzzle, lmao!

“.. but WHY does Batman have the Hellraiser puzzle box hanging off of his belt? ”

I remember the DC bigwigs mentioned that Batman has been around for a while before Superman came into everybody’s radar.

My theory is that Batman has been observing him for years and discovered green kryptonite in the middle of the road. he is saving it to see if it will have any affect (naturally, of course) on this big blue bad-tempered Supy.

So Superman and Batman don’t meet up until the 2nd issue?

Should we just be waiting for the trade?

So Batman’s DC’s most successful character, he dominates the book it seems.
Superman used to be, but now the characters’ copyright’s reverting back to heirs of the original creators.
So the character who stared the whole Superhero phenomenon is playing second fiddle to a character that he inspired.
Anyway this books going to sell but-loads of copies wither there digital or traditional, I feel like I’m at a turning point in pop cultural history.
Where were you when the DCNu debuted?
I remember 1986,(sigh) oh the days that have gone by.

This looks amazing!!

For James:

Haters gonna haaaaaaate!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”
And yet there will probably only be one word balloon filled with one of Johns’s famous witty one-liners. I wonder if he’ll ever top “rainbow rodeo.”

Decisions about costumes aside, this is a fine piece of comic book art.

So when are the delays coming? I’m placing it at 9 months in after the first story arc finishes, but the second one just starts. These guys are saddled with so much work, that something that looks this good will take a while. I’m still waiting t finish my All Star Batman and Robin.

No one is saying Jim Lee can’t draw. The man makes some pretty incredible super-hero images.
The complaint is that he’s a horrible designer. Everyone looks like a robot in this picture. I’m supposed to somehow buy that Clark wears a suit or armor underneath his clothes all day.
“So everyone wears shiny armor now?
This is going to be pretty hard for kids to draw.”
That just summed up everything wrong with the overall look of the new DC designs.

The “hellraiser” box is probably a motherbox since the main villain will be Darkseid. Who says that Clark will still be wearing his suit under his clothes? He still has super-speed. This is a different world. If Batman has been observing Superman it will have been for about a year since JL is Year One of the Superhero Boom.

Nice art work but Jim Lee really needs a Mignola course in how to spot blacks.
I agree with all those who think that Superman’s costume looks armoured, it probably isn’t, its probably just a manifestation of the image type of rendering where every surface is treated as if it were made of chrome.
An aside but I always thought that it was odd that Superman’s costume is skin tight. In the most recent origins I’ve read his mum made him his costume. (not read Birthright or newer) Is Ma Kent kinkier than we all knew?

I know that the powers that be at DC have a hard-on for retro (“If it’s ’60s, it’s BETTER!™”), BUT… A weapon with the words “Sonic Disruptor” printed on the side…?

…Because, apparently, the hero or villain who OWNS the Sonic Disruptor is likely to look at it and say “Hey…! What’s this thing that I’ve been carrying around all day in this REALLY big holster on my belt…?” if it isn’t LABELLED…

Dudes!…! There is such a thing as being TOO retro, and you JUST crossed the line!

From what they’ve said regarding Superman’s armor it is Kryptonian armor (since they’re not invincible on Krypton) that he eventually finds/earns (hence the “early” years he’s wearing jeans and a small cape with his family crest on it. It’s a Kryptonian culture thing.

And I think this spread looks friggin’ gorgeous.

Same simple bad taste as always. Notice that the chunk of masonry behind Superman HAS to be labelled with a Lexcorp poster, and that the device on the ground HAS TO say “Sonic Disrupter” on it. That would be the equivalent of cops’ guns having the word “GUN” on the sides of them.

There’s too much information, an apparent disdain for composition, and of course, all Caucasian men have the same face and all Caucasian women share the female version of that same squinty, windblown face.

Thank God he was able to get this position through politics and chicanery, otherwise Lee would be back at Image, creating nineties-era eyesores to choke the back issue bins of your local comics store.

Wow- Batman’s utility has so many pouches you’d think Rob Liefeld drew it. Seriously, what’s he got in there? safety pins? Reese’s Pieces? Geoff Johns’ and Dan DiDio’s balls? Because fuck-all else is going to fit in pouches that size, Jim Lee.

God, who allowed the attrocity of Jim Lee’s segmented, over-the-top Wildstorm madness loose on these costumes? Because I don’t think even Liefeld would be worse than the collars, segments and overall ridiculous 90’s everything-AND-the-kitchen-sink design.

As can clearly be seen here, Jim Lee is still one of the very best in the business.

Also, in response to the assertion that Jim needs to go to Mignola school, I think the blacks and shadows look about right. I think he and Scott Williams left out a few of the half-tones and gradients to allow Alex Sinclair to apply the darker gradients using digital tools. The very best guys, of which Jim and Scott are included, tend to anticipate things like that and factor it into their work. It’d be informative to see the pencils (as opposed to the cleaned-up inks) since these probably include Jim’s instructions.

Interestingly, Joe Quesada recently went over his process (in exhaustive fashion) over twitter recently and I imagine that Jim’s method is not too different.

Anyway, like others here have posted, I also think he’s doing just the first arc of JL and that we won’t see him on interiors afterwards; his participation will probably be limited to the occasional Retailer Incentive cover down the road.

My money is on Brett Booth replacing him at some stage, in the same manner that he did during Jim’s FF run for Heroes Reborn. Where that leaves the Titans is anyone’s guess.

@ Emm, NEVER mention Liefeld in the same sentence as Jim Lee. That man does not even deserve that much.

Reese’s Pieces on the go, however, is how Batman “do”!

That looks great! But lets hope it doesn’t take 6 issues … 6 whole months! To get the Justice league together. I miss it when you used read a team book and they’d either be together as a team half way through the first issue or at the latest – the end of the issue! Damn Bendis for starting this crap!

Not being made for trade? Bullshit.

Am I love with the Superman costume? Nope. Can I live with it? Yes. Do I dig Batman’s armored costume? Yes I do! Is this a fantastically rendered double page spread? Absolutely.

Lastly, I can’t resist: Haters gonna hate. LOL!

The thing hanging off Batman’s belt is a mother box.
I love this page.

Haven’t read it yet. Gonna download it later today to try it out. Still, I’ve read the first review which describes it as an average comic with very good art that suffers from being issue #1 of the Justice League. By the end of the issue, there’s still no Justice League as the comic consists of a drawn out origin story. “Too much pipe” as they say in Hollywood parlance. For my money, no one has done the JLA better than Grant Morrison and he’s busy with Action (which is the relaunch comic I’m REALLY interested in.)

“I mean, this whole deal is supposed to be to reel in new readers, right? Then why is Superman in three different comics, all occurring in different time periods? DiDio has stated that Action is “Year Zero”, JL is “Year One”, and Superman is “Year Five”. REALLY?! That’s more accessible?”

Thank you, @Ravi311, for asking the question. Too bad nobody @ DC will ever answer it.

I’m not a fan of Jim Lee in general, especially his designs, but even I have to admit that’s an incredible page.

I’m really not sure what people are not getting about Supe’s news uniform. Just because “he’s Superman”, doesn’t mean that his outfit is. How many times has his uniform been tattered to the point that he’s half-naked in battle?

I’m sure the new armor will get explained, especially since he goes from a t-shirt in Morrison’s first arc to the full armor in the “current” story.

I like the uniform the way Lee draws it. I don’t really care for Perez’s interpretation of it. Perez makes the lake of the red trunks look all too apparent.


How is Jim Lee leaving after his first arc a demonstration of “not maintaining the quality”? Most artists leave after an arc is done, unless they have a true love for the book, and/or characters. The early SM/BM issues are an example of this.

How is “Years Zero, One, and Five” confusing? The first issue of each book will explain what’s happening. It amazes me how so-called comic book fans play dumb. If you are on a website such as this, then you know what’s going on. If you can READ, then you should be up to speed, after the very first issues. What’s the problem?

Jesus. Fanboys will find anything to whine about. That image looks fantastic.

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