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Kirkman considering a Walking Dead prequel

After years of following the ongoing survival of a band of people in a zombie apocalypse, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is considering going back to show how it all started.

In an article by William Keck for TV Guide, the TV critic reports that Kirkman is considering doing a “Volume Zero” of The Walking Dead, showing both the origins of the apocalypse as well as how Rick’s wife Lori and friend Shane went from “grieving friends to lovers.”

On multiple occasions since the beginning of the series in 2003, Kirkman answered questions about the origin of the zombie plague by saying he’d rather focus on the survival aspect, explaining that the main premise of the book is that it shows what happens after the end of a traditional zombie movie. The idea of a Walking Dead prequel, and as a standalone graphic novel, is an interesting prospect both for the story points as well as the potential sales juggernaut it could be. And for artist, would it be longtime artist Charlie Adlard, a return for original series artist Tony Moore, or perhaps some new third party in the mix? Time will tell.



I for one don’t find a prequel is necessary for TWD. Some things are best left to the imagination…

I don’t think it could really hurt anything for him to do it, because it’s not like it matters to the ongoing as a whole to keep it a secret. Despite the title, The Walking Dead isn’t even really about the zombies. If nothing else, it’d give such a story a hook and wouldn’t sacrifice the titles focus on “what happens after the movie ends”.

Cha-ching! :-)

Really, though, even if this is motivated mostly by the potential to cash in (and that’s just an ‘if’), I say more power to the author. People seem to love this Walking Dead series, many would probably enjoy a prequel, so why not produce one. Anyone who doesn’t want it can presumably just ignore it.

This reminds me of when Stephen King wrote the final novel to his The Dark Tower series. He said he did not want to show what Roland sees in the tower because it is the journey and not the destination that matters. Sort of the same thing but from a reversed perspective. I read what happened in the tower and for me, it was interesting to read but not necessary. I agree with the previous that it will be a nice addition but totally irrelevant to the story as the writer sees it.

I think it would be a real shame if he revealed the plague’s origins. That’s one of the things that I’ve always admired about The Walking Dead – that it left it up to the reader. Every time a zombie movie tries to explain the nature of the undead, it always comes off sounding dumb!

I don’t need the definitive origins (my theory: infectuous mutant virus in the water or air supply that is held in check by brain activity), but I would like to know if it was the world over simultaneously, or if it spread from one area, and I would like to see the stories of the plague leading to where the characters were.

One thing I enjoyed from the Walking Dead TV show was that we got to see how Rick was barricaded off from the zombies instead of becoming a snack.

A walking dead prequel is a must, many q’s will be answered I’m sure if they do it.

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