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Marvel offers free ad for retailers who order 5,000 copies of Ultimate Comics Fallout #4

Ultimate Fallout #4

Marvel is offering a special deal for retailers on Ultimate Fallout #4, which is the first appearance of the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales — order 5,000 copies, receive a full page ad for their store in “upcoming Marvel comic books.”

The notice is posted on Diamond’s retailer website and says that the deal can apply to orders for both the first or second printing of the comic, “or any combination of the two.” And orders must be placed between Aug. 25 and Aug. 29. Retailers who qualify will also receive one Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Pichelli Sketch Variant, which is limited to just 20 copies total.

Here’s the text, which doesn’t offer many details on where exactly the ad will appear:

Order 5,000 copies of Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (JUN110611D) or Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 Second Printing Bagley Variant (JUN118244D) — or any combination of the two — from August 25 through August 29, and you will receive a free full page ad for your store in upcoming Marvel comic books, either of your design or designed along with Marvel. Qualifying retailers will be contacted by Marvel to coordinate design of the ad.

Plus, you will get a free, extremely rare Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Pichelli Sketch Variant, limited to a print run of 20 total copies. This offer is on a first-come, first-served basis as supplies are limited.

But wait! There’s more. According to the notice, “One good variant deserves another, especially when it comes to the much-discussed, high profile comic that is Ultimate Comics Fallout #4.” So Marvel is also offering retailers one free copy of the Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 Second Printing Sara Pichelli Variant for every copy of Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 Second Printing Mark Bagley Variant they ordered. That’s two second printings for the price of one.

You have to wonder what drove this special deal — did they overprint and are now trying to move copies with the reward? Or is this the first salvo in the upcoming fall chart wars that DC’s 52 new issues will likely ignite? As noted earlier this week, the first issue of DC’s relaunched Justice League has garnered initial orders of more than 200,000. The figure will make Justice League #1 the bestselling direct market comic of the year, knocking Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 and its 168,000 copies out of the top spot. Could this help push Ultimate Fallout #4 up to those numbers? And it’s only August — the real action should begin in September, which not only brings 51 more first issues from DC, but also Ultimate Spider-Man #1. It should be an interesting fall for chart watchers.

Ultimate Fallout #4 came out Aug. 3. A second printing is due Aug. 31. You can find a screenshot of Diamond’s site after the jump.


Ultimate Fallout deal



Are there many shops who order 5000 comics total in a year, much less of one comic?

Right. A local business could air a local television spot for as much as that would set them back.

So..SO dumb. So the shops that can already afford to pay for advertisements (because of their high volume of customers) can get some for free but the struggling shops that NEED the publicity will get none because ordering 5,000 of one issue is complete and utter suicide. Even if CBR accidentally added an extra zero onto that number it would still be too high.

>>>Are there many shops who order 5000 comics total in a year, much less of one comic?<<<


In 2010 the Top 300 sold a total of 69.2 million units. (

Diamond claims about 3,200 accounts order from them (though I'm sure it's closer to 1500-1800 stores than the former), which means the "average" Diamond account bought 21,625 comics.

So, yes, absolutely, to the first part of your question.

On the second part, I don't know if there are 10 accounts that could plausibly hit that number — and those are ALL multi-store chains.


the stupidest move of the year.

The issue wasn’t even that great. IMHO.

why dont they offer this for Ultimate spiderman #1??

Wow I am really surprised at how these Marvel offers demand such high volume orders. I love how on one hand they talk about the struggle of the brick and mortar store, then on the other they make ridiculous variants that require huge minimum orders while still charging a higher cover price. Marvel looks like they are doing more damage than anything or anyone else when it comes to the death of print comics. Very sad IMO.

If this info is correct, this is absolutely ridiculous.

An ad for a lcs in a Marvel book makes no sense; an ad in a local newspaper would pay off much better.

While I suppose there are a few chains that can afford buying books in this quantity, whyever would they want to spend so much on a month-old book (which apparently has not sold out if it can still be ordered) and its second printing?

Especially now that the 15 minutes of fame/outrage have largely subsided.

If this was a real offer, it would have been for Ultimate Spider-man #1. Sure, not many stores could afford it, but the promotion would boost sales from the huge chains. That’s what happened with Amazing Spider-man 666.

As it is, I suspect that Marvel over-printed that issue of Ultimate Fallout (probably in the wake of Death of Spider-man’s success) and is desperate not to eat the copies that stores did not buy. Why else would copies of the first AND second prints be available? They expected it to sell out. It didn’t.

But that’s just a hunch, obviously.

Desperate much

How many Justice League of America #1 covers do I have to send in?

“An ad for a lcs in a Marvel book makes no sense; an ad in a local newspaper would pay off much better.”

Goodness knows newspapers would be happy to have the ad-buy these days. It would probably be fairly cheap.

Just more proof that no matter how often they refer to them as their “retail partners,” the truth is they’re not partners at all. they’re customers. Marvel and DC’s goal is to sell as many copies of their comics as possible to retailers, and they don’t care what happens with the book after that. That is a customer.

WOW Ridiculous – if I order 100 copies of a book it’s a big deal.

Marvel is falsely inflating it’s numbers by offering variants for purchasing high numbers. The speculators and accounts that have customers willing to pay stupid amounts of money for a variant can do this. But no sane human being is going to pay at least $5000 for 5000 books to get one variant. Even if they sell 1000 issues at cover price ($3,990) they’d still have to get over $1000 for the variant to break even.

And then as another poster mentioned an ad in Marvel comics is wasted. If I have over 1000 people willing to pay cover price on Ultimate Fallout #4 I certainly don’t need an ad in a comic book.

Now if Marvel wanted to pump $5000 into a local ad campaign for me, then I MIGHT be willing to consider it.

I wish Marvel would stop wasting our time with these shenanigans and put some effort into ADVERTISING their product to the masses so we COULD sell 5000 copies of a book without blinking.

5,000 copies of a single issue? I don’t know, Marvel . . . “buy X copies, get a special perk” deals are fun, but I can’t imagine how many stores will really go for it.

The only stores who could manage to sell that many copies of a single issue – particularly from a “side universe” like Ultimate – are the big honkin’ shops in major cities. Of which there can’t be more than, what, a dozen? I suppose it could be a neat way for those shops to reach a national audience, or steal away a handful of customers from local competitors, but it all relies on some store owner saying “yes, I can put up with having a giant box full of this one issue lying around for the next decade.”

Lionel makes a decent point – Marvel’s got the right idea with this newfangled “advertising” business, but ought to be on the other side of it.

Maybe they should order 5,000 copies of Entertainment Weekly and see where that gets them?


Is it really that stupid? How much is a full-page ad in a Marvel comic? Even if you end up giving the comic away on Free Comic Book Day, if you have a good ad, you can get some nice targeted ad exposure. It certainly isn’t for every store, but I ran a large comics store and could absorb the cost, it might not be the stupidest thing in the world.

Heck, buy 5K of the comic and book Bendis and/or Bagley for an in-store signing, with a condition that they sign at least some of these things, Take a bunch of the rest and send them to be slabbed for higher resale value.

I do worry that some over-ambitious small retailer will take Marvel up on it, and be stuck with 25 long boxes of the comic…

@Ray Cornwall

I don’t know the price of a full page Marvel ad, but I would really question the value of an ad that’s primarily going to be viewed by people who can’t buy from the advertiser. If an LCS in Virginia were to take Marvel up on this offer, what benefit will they get from having their ad in comics sold in New York and Los Angeles?

The only people who are likely to see it are going to be those who already have a source for comics and most will be too far away to patronize the store.

There’s just no point.

I bet someone at Marvel was talking to someone high up at Disney and they mentioned in passing that they printed a crap-ton too much of Fallout #4 and the Disney dude got all super serious and said that they better unload that shit by any means, OR ELSE… lol

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