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More DC relaunch art hits Twitter

Following yesterday’s Twitter-thon of artwork from DC’s “New 52″ titles, several more tweets featuring various pages from various books hit today — including another puzzle by David Macho that revealed the above Grifter art by CAFU.

Follow the hash tag #52splash for more, or check out additional pieces after the jump.


Hawkman by Philip Tan

Captain Atom by Freedie Williams

Sinestro by Doug Mahnke

Dc Comics Presents Deadman

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Flash by Francis Manapul

Frankenstein by Alberto Ponticelli

Mr. Terrific



I think the “Sinestro Corps” needs a new name, lol…

Preview arts of Batman, Green Lantern and Deadman are the best of new DC titles, so far!

I don’t love the new Flash suit, but the art is sweet.

Arkillo Corps, perhaps…

jesus christ…that frankenstein splash page is nuts.

That Frankenstein page is incredible.

Perhaps, Yellow Lanterns?

Frankenstein Rules! :)

If only the Flash had that chin guard during the crisis, he might have survived!

Yellow Lanterns works. That just leaves the Star Sapphires as the only ones with a non-conformist name. Come on, ladies! Everybody’s doing it!

DC Regurgitated.

Damn those pics are beautiful!

Digging Philip Tan’s art on Hawkman. Can’t wait to see how they establish that charater.
Not digging the colorist for Red Hood and the Outlaws, too glossy. It really takes away from Kenneth Rocafort ‘s art.


GL is the worst of those pages and even that looks solid.

The one sure thing about the Relaunch: most of the art will be on point.
The industry has an embarrassment of riches in terms of artists. Whether the general public will take notice remains to be seen.

That art is pretty sweet. Still not getting any of those titles but that art is, pretty sweet.

Though I confess the Frankenstein interests me.

Why not call them the ‘Fearmonger Corps’?


Guys, I also uploaded the Grifter page in color. here’s the link in case you didn’t see it! New puzzle in the works now, a double spread this time to go even bigger. Thanks for checking them out!

So…somebody snaps Mr. Terrific’s spine and throws him out of a building? That’s just…horrible.

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