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Poster debuts for Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

Legendary Entertainment has premiered the poster and print ad for Holy Terror, the long-awaited graphic novel by Frank Miller.

The revenge tale, set for release in September, follows The Fixer, a “Dirty Hairy”-style hero who takes the fight to al Qaeda after his city is target by terrorists. Initially, and famously, conceived as a Batman story, Holy Terror is described as “a no-holds-barred action thriller told in Miller’s trademark high-contrast, black-and-white visual style, which seizes the political zeitgeist by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last page.”

See the full poster below. And don’t miss the five-page preview of Holy Terror released last month.



Man, I sure hope this isn’t super-racist so I can enjoy it!

HA! Truth.

I also hope the art is not as crappy as that poster because that is one ugly image.

IAM FeAR, I have to agree. I really have been disappointed with Miller’s art for Xeres and I’m hoping Holy Terror will be different but this preview image does not give me hope.

HA. I love how the expectation of a graphic novel that has Al Qaeda as villains is that it’s going to be racist. I applaud Miller for having the guts to depict terrorists as terrorists in a culture that has become so PC that we can’t even call our enemies what they are for fear of being branded racist or xenophobic. I’ll be picking this up.

@RodimusBen No one has issue with Al Qaeda looking evil.. the worries many have is that Miller is just going say brown people equal Al Qaeda..

That’s pretty cool. I don’t want to see Comics become too PC like the movies have become (in my opinion). For some reason they can’t put the aboriginal peaple of the United States (Indians) in their movies much, they have to make them into blue aliens and have a fight about the big bad United States taking over their land… again! yeah, it was a terrible moment in the Nations history, but what about stuff going on right now. Also, what about the Indians and the United States future. What happens to the both of them.

Al Queda is a terrible organization. I don’t mind people criticizing them and their friends in the Taliban which will probably their enemy. I think there are messed up ideals stuff over there (Afghanistan, etc) that have nothing to do with United States or any of its allies.

Just stuff I think about.

^What the fuck?

Dirty Hairy? Is it the ape version of Dirty Harry on the Planet of The Apes or something?

So… this is the Comics GN ‘Yang’ to the ‘Yin’ of Craig Thompson HABIBI, then?

Alex is one well-spoken cat. Just like you, Chris Jones, I’m awestruck.


Haha, I’m thinking it must be! I know one thing: with new graphic novels by Thompson, Seth and Kazu Kibiushi coming out over the next month or so, this stupid looking thing isn’t something I give a rat’s ass about.

Reallllllllllly scraping the barrel for ideas now.

There are people out there dying right now, on all sides.
Batman vs. Al Qaeda is a terrible premise. A new low for Miller, and for comics.

There’s no need for any black and white, goodguy vs. badguys over simplification of something so horrific. Attaching fantastical fiction is transgressive to both the reality of the situation and to comics as a whole.

Still, I have my fingers crossed for Wonder Woman vs. US Oil Speculators of the 21stC, can’t wait for The Flash vs. Climate change, or Superman taking on Abortion.

These are the issues I want dealing with in absolute by my favourite comic book heroes.

Looks fantastic! Frank Miller has reignited my love of comics!

Superman vs. Abortion. That would rock.

While brown people may not = Al Queda , You can bet Al Queda = brown people.

Can’t really tell if I would like the comic. I know I want to see some action pumping Frank Miller, but the story is really asking for it, and the art… Frank, what happened? I know your art its about murky ink brushes and stuff, but this is just ridiculous.

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