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Preview: Betty and Veronica’s bikini battle

Those of us in the East Coast Division of Robot 6 have already endured an earthquake, which knocked the pictures on my office walls askew and caused several moments of consternation; now there’s a hurricane pounding its way up the coast towards us. Time for some escape reading! In these previews of B&V Friends Double Digest #217 and Jughead Double Digest #173, both due out next week in comics shops and digital apps everywhere, Betty and Veronica are still at the beach, battling over bikinis, and at the mall, battling with Jughead. Get some bottled water, make sure there are batteries in your flashlight, and settle down for a little light reading!


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If read in the context of the current “Criminal” series, The Last of the Innocent, by Brubaker and Phillips, these panels take on a whole new meaning.

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