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Quote of the day | Dave Gibbons, on the future of Watchmen

“I think, without wishing to sound like a deposed dictator or a mob boss, that I’d like to take the Fifth and at this point say I reserve my position and say I have no comment to make. […] It’s not something that I’d personally like to see happen. I sense you’re drawing me a little off the position of not commenting on it, so I think I’ll kind of leave it like that. What I would say is, intrinsic to the whole idea of Watchmen is that they existed in a world that was the way it was because of their existence. And I think to transplant them into another world actually removes a huge part of what is the essence of Watchmen.”

Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons in an interview with CBR TV,
addressing perennial rumors about a sequel to the landmark 1986 miniseries, and the possibility of the characters being integrated into the DC Comics universe



I agree with Mr. Gibbons. Little shout-outs and hidden cameos of Watchmen folk are great, but that’s as far as it should go. And integrating them into the DCnU? Booooo on that idea. Just like he said, they are part of their world, shaped by their world as much as their world was shaped by them. You bring them into the DCU, you lose a lot of what made Watchmen special in the first place.

I_Captain Blanco

August 11, 2011 at 7:32 am

I just can’t imagine who there is at DC who could be out-of-touch enough to want something like that to happen. Integrating WATCHMEN into the DC Universe is such staggeringly poor judgement, it practically redefines the term.

For those who want a little extra Watchmen storytelling, locate the 2-3 Mayfair Games DC Heroes RPG supplements which refer to the source material. If nothing else beyond some additional world building, the first adventure of The Crimebusters (the original formation of the team through Captain Metropolis) is relayed.

I’m amazed DC have resisted publishing a Watchmen sequel. Watching all that potential revenue falling through their fingers must be galling on a daily basis. And I doubt anyone has refrained from such an obvious moneyspinner on the grounds of good taste and decorum. There will be a legal reason why they haven’t. And when that is resolved, they will.

Someone else writing and drawing Watchmen would be as distasteful as someone other than Will Eisner doing The Spirit, or someone trying to make a movie out of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but these things happen. We get over it.

Remember when Alan Moore revived Marvelman in 1981? Marvelman was less than 20 years out of print then. Watchmen is 25 years old, it’s equally historic now. Whatever they do now won’t sully its memory. Unless someone were to do a shot-by-shot film remake that lasts three hours, that’d be rubbish.

Uh, I think if DC did “integrate The Watchmen” into their lame “New 52-niverse”, DC would have to hire out half the NYPD to protect 1700 Broadway from the armies of fanboys out to burn the place down.

“Integrating WATCHMEN into the DC Universe is such staggeringly poor judgement, it practically redefines the term.” …Yeah, but, uh, Dan DiDio is still in charge. Know what I mean?

Ha. I’d love to see Didio integrate Watchmen into the DCnU. Only because Didio, Bob Harras, Geoff Johns, and Jim Lee have crafted something so abyssmally, atrociously awful that it would be akin to watching a car pileup on the 405 that never ends. You’d be horrified watching it, but you wouldn’t be able to look away.
It would be a challenge for the lot of them: just how truly awful can you make the DCnU?

“Uh, I think if DC did “integrate The Watchmen” into their lame “New 52-niverse”, DC would have to hire out half the NYPD to protect 1700 Broadway from the armies of fanboys out to burn the place down.”

In today’s news: 20 comic book fans stormed the offices of DC Comics to protest a trivial and unimportant thing that happened. Building security told them to “go home”, which they promptly did. We’ll be back with sports.

i agree with what mr. gibbison is saying for don’t blame him for taking the fifth on the whole issue of dc wanting to do some more watchman for bringing them into the dc universe proper would wind up destroying the core of what made watchman so good for the characters function so well in their own world. plus a sequel is not really needed . not to mention dc already has the original characters the watchman were based on the charleston characters already. some things are better left alone and watchman is one of them.

You know, I’m sure 75% of the people complaining about this would still buy it when it comes out.

Everyone of you guys are so right. DC should forget about the Watchmen and move on.

They’ve already got enough super-dudes they don’t know how to handle. (Hawkman and a half-dozen Robins, for starters…)

I don’t think such a high percentage would buy it. I would buy it if it came out to amazing reviews.

He has nothing to worry about since Grant Morrison ripping him and Moore off in Multiversity by turning the Charlton characters into Watchmen knock-offs.

@Michael Sacal – You do know the Charlton characters — Blue Beetle, The Question and all of them are considered the ORIGINAL Watchmen, right? Learn ya’ history, bro.

please. All we’re saying remains here. Let them know what we think about their creative spirit. I agree there are much, much, important things but it will only take you a few minutes, and they will have to consider it.

I said it before, but I’ll be more interested by THE PROGRAMME as ongoing, that could deal with the same kind of thematics, that would be unexpected and more challenging. Sure, these are more things to do and that won’t be easy, but that will be lot better than ruining what is actually the pride of DC catalogue..

so far, all I can see about WATCHMEN is prequels (MINUTEMEN stories, and self-contained issues about a given character) but certainly not sequels, and neither interactions with the DCnU..You got the Red Circle characters, Next Wave’ characters, you got Ditko’ characters, use it well at first, transcend them, readers will be grateful…

Robert, I do know that. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Supergirl is a knock off of Superman, that doesn’t mean she should be a tranny.

If the cast of Watchmen were actually transferred to the current DC rooster, I’ll only echo what Owlman said to the Comedian when fighting back the protestors:

“Future? What future?”

“Supergirl is a knock off of Superman, that doesn’t mean she should be a tranny.”

One really shouldn’t give Dan DiDio any more ‘new’ ideas.

While I LOVE the IDEA of more Watchmen stories. I don’t think the reality of such would be what I wanted it to be, especially if the original creators were not behind it. It’s like a sequel with another lead and a different director. Just doesn’t work. Always comes off as a charade. Hurm…..

Now prequels. One-shots with characters that were not explored in depth in the main, I could see working.
Give me Dave Johnson or Cully H. doing a Mothman story and I’m sold. Show me what really happened to Metropolis and the Hangman. I would buy that.

I think what DC should do is run a “watchmen” style story but using the original characters and put them on their own world. A carlton world that acts like the watchmen world. Then they could do a build up story, then re-tell the watchmen story and do sequels, potentially without fucking up the original.

You know to me it sounds as though Gibbons dances around the idea of more Watchmen books with his ‘no comment’. The comment he does say is geared towards placing them into the DCU- which he is correct and is a horrible idea. But the lack of anything regarding new Watchemen material is interesting to mew since the rumors usually have him connected to a new series.

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