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Quote of the day | Meredith Gran on the best way to support women in comics

Meredith Gran

Meredith Gran

My sincere thoughts on how to promote the presence of women in comics:

Pay them. No, seriously. Pay them with money.

Octopus Pie cartoonist Meredith Gran argues that money talks when it comes to women comics creators. “It’s not a question of awareness,” she goes on to say, “It’s a question of who’s getting paid,” because even a modicum of financial security enhances confidence and enables artists to create more and better work on their own terms. Gran also points out that her prescription for supporting men cartoonists is identical. “Paying people to work” does indeed seem like a pretty solid plan, and it reminds me of the utility of Tom Spurgeon’s “Rooney Rule” idea for publishers, which would put many more non-male and non-white creators in a position to secure paying jobs.



Bu-bu-bu-but comics don’t pay!!

I bet there are lots of female artists and writers who would love to get paid in real money by a major publisher.

For instance, this young woman…

It seems the US manga publishers found plenty of female artists to hire for their OEL Manga…

…and while like 2 of them were picked up by Marvel and DC, there were plenty who were overlooked entirely.

This happened in spite of their outstanding talent and the fact that they typically worked under crushing deadlines for very little pay at terrible publishing houses that basically treated them like art slaves.

The women are out there, but the offers aren’t being made.

While I understand the point Gran’s trying to make, I think she’s being overly simplistic.

Becky Cloonan, a wonderful artist and creator, posted this about why she works in comics (hint: it’s not money):

Oh man, Lakshmana – seeing Soap-Committee/Rebecca Gunter on a professionally-published comic book or GN would make my day.

Heck, why don’t I just send every publisher a copy of my DeviantArt watchlist – at least half of the artists on it are women, and easily a dozen of them are ready for professional publication. (Well, art-wise – I don’t know all of their personal situations, obviously.) :]

Fey: Becky Cloonan is able to make a living off of her work. Most artists aren’t, and can’t be artists full time because of this. If you pay them, this will change, which is what Meredith is trying to say. And I agree with her.

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