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Quote of the day | Warren Ellis has hope for the DC relaunch

“The New DC comics stuff looks so much like stuff I would never read that it oddly fills me with hope that they are targetting the core audience they want. If a 43-year-old man looks at most of this promo stuff and goes meh, then that’s very probably a good sign for them. Best of luck to Dan D, Jim L et all for the imminent relaunch.”

Warren Ellis, suggesting that the publisher’s much-debated September relaunch
may actually appeal to a new audience



I can’t tell if that’s damning with faint praise or praising with faint damnation.

I’d have more hope if Warren Ellis were writing a title.

Funny, that’s just the way I feel about *his* work. Meh.

Much like Ellis’s work, his words are cynicism hiding a faint glimpse of hope and optimism.

The man is a genius…

Not only because of his works, but also because that is the way I feel about the relaunch…

The thing is that Warren Ellis has vocally never been a fan of mainstream superheroes, or a supporter of the way mainstream books are produced and marketed, added to the fact that he has been playing Angry Internet Curmudgeon for well over a decade now. I’d say he’s the last guy to turn to for his view on the DC relaunch.

Warren Ellis: The Only Thing That’s Wrong With Comics Are the People Who Currently Read Them.

Tom Fitzpatrick

August 19, 2011 at 9:07 am

The only thing wrong with Ellis, is the absence of his books. Fell, Desolation Jones, newuniversal, etc.

It takes a clever man to dis something with such eloquence. I can almost hear the faint chuckle to himself after he wrote that.

But they are targetting people in their 40s. If someone who is 43 says meh, then they’ve failed.


I bet he reads Cornell’s books.

He’s only 43? I thought he was older.

It looks like DC’s target audience is people who weren’t reading DC in the 1990s, based on the horrible Image artwork and omnipresence of Scott Lobdell.

The new DC can be the greatest comics ever made, AND STILL FAIL — unless DC gets the younger generation to NOTICE THEM.

The problem has NOT been the content of the books. The problem is the marketing.

@Jake Earlewine
You’re right on the money for the marketing aspect, but getting the younger readers to look at these is going to be really tough. We’re Generation M, according to Time Magazine; we’re so busy multitasking with multiple electronic gizmos that we’ve got the attention span of a gnat and thanks to that, us Americans are definitely going to need to learn to read. You wanna blame somebody for the decision to relaunch and the low sales the medium has had for the past decade–blame Apple, blame Microsoft, blame Android, blame Facebook.

Who cares about Ellis.
He can’t write anyway.

Warren Ellis gets what I’ve been saying so long: This isn’t about US (and by “us” I mean existing and aging fans).

We should all stop whining about whether or not we’re being serviced because when the comic book industry tries to service fanboys instead of the general public, it’s painful attrition over the course of decades.

No, the new 52 is not tailor-made for me (although I do know of a handful of titles I’m really looking forward to). Why should it be? I’m a grown man with incredibly particular tastes and I only buy a few comics a month anyway. Go get the dollar of a younger, more adventurous reader who has more disposable cash. Make HIM want to come back for years and years.

“The problem is the marketing.” – Jake Earlewine

This is a huge component, yes. Marketing and distribution. Make them realize what’s out there and make sure it’s in their hands. I agree.

Seems like Ellis did his duty-allegeance for the society he is currently in contract with..
Well said Warren, it will be remembered, especially when you’ll beg them to let you write STORMWATCH, or OMAC,or CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN..

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